5 Awesome Tips to Properly Take Care Of Your Leather Sneakers

5 Awesome Tips to Properly Take Care Of Your Leather Sneakers


Watching your highly-priced leather sneakers fade and deteriorate with time is one of the most disheartening feelings. If you are not following the proper steps to prevent the deterioration of your leather sneakers, you may have to throw away your favourite footwear. However, with extra effort and an appropriate shoe care routine, you can make your sneakers look as good as new. With the right tips, you can take good care of your leather sneakers and draw people's attention when you wear them! As a prominent shoe product manufacturer, we have to curate a list of essential tips to take care of leather sneakers, boots, and sandals. Let's learn how to take care of your leather sneakers and increase their durability!


1. Maintain A Proper Cleaning Routine

Experts recommend that you should maintain good shoe cleaning habits to extend the shelf life of your leather sneakers. Experts say cleaning dirt from your sneakers weekly or fortnightly is crucial. Always keep a footwear cleaning kit with you; clean and restore the shine of your sneakers using shoe cleaners and shoe polish. If you don't have the accessories, you can clean them delicately with a soft-bristled brush. Clean your leather sneakers after each outing to maintain their quality. You can also use a rubber brush or another brush that will not harm the framework of the sneakers. 

2. Properly Storing Them Is Crucial  

Keep your shoes clean by storing them in shoe bags. Maintain a safe distance from any direct contact with damaging elements and sunlight to keep them in pristine condition. Make sure that they are properly stored. Leather products, such as belts, bags, footwear, jackets, etc., should be kept in well-ventilated areas to keep them hydrated and save them from dryness. Also, save your sneakers from direct exposure to sunlight and heat. If you are willing to invest a little in your shoe collection, we recommend purchasing a shoe tree, which can help you maintain the proper structure of your sneakers and reduce cracks.

3. Waterproofing Is Vital For Your Leather Sneakers 

Leather is prone to water damage. When exposed to moisture, it degrades, resulting in staining, cracking, and a shortened shelf life. As a result, it's a brilliant idea to prevent water from entering your new leather sneakers right away. Purchase waterproofing sprays from any leather product store, spray your sneakers, and let them dry overnight. While leather sneakers are already waterproofed, the waterproofing solution can diminish during the journey from manufacturer to retailer to you. 

Using waterproofing sprays on your leather sneakers once can last up to three months, so remember to waterproof your leather sneakers at the interval of three months. However, we know that it may be impossible to maintain full waterproofing. When your leather sneakers are wet, you should wipe them down as soon as possible. Keep them dry overnight on a flat plane, ideally in a room-temperature environment. Heating or drying tools, such as blow dryers, should be avoided because they can forget or crack the leather.

4. Polish Your Leather Sneakers Regularly 

If your leather sneakers have dents and scratches, don't be upset or surprised; these are simple signs of normal wear and tear. A good polish can always recover its natural glow. You can either apply store-bought leather polish or gently wipe away imperfections with household items. You can clean them with petroleum jelly or a shower gel if you don't have any leather solutions. First, clean the sneakers with a wet cloth and put them aside to dry. Apply the jelly to the leather and wipe it with a dry cloth. If you're applying a conditioner, rub it into the dried leather, and you're ready to go.

5. Don't Let Them Dry 

Our final piece of advice is the most important. It summarises the other advice and can be stated aptly: prevent drying out of the leather. That is the essence of the issue. When moisturising your leather sneakers, it's critical to be proactive. It's challenging to make the boots look good again once the damage is done and the leather has started deteriorating. Because leather is a natural product, it will gradually lose its natural oils, resulting in dry and fragile sneakers. That's why you need to always keep a quality shoe cream or leather oil in your footwear accessories kit to help you prevent dryness in your leather sneakers and extend their life.

Leather Sneakers Cleaning Routine 

  • Before beginning the sneakers cleaning process, remove all dust from the leather sneakers with a soft brush and detach the laces.
  • Use a gentle cleanser and a wet cloth to clean the surface of sneakers with a finish. You can use a bar of saddle soap to clean dirty leather sneakers. Make a foam and rub it gently on your sneakers. Let your sneakers dry naturally after wiping away the excess. If your sneakers have water or salt stains, clean the stains with a solution of water and white vinegar.
  • If some stains are still visible, you can apply toothpaste to the affected area to remove stains.
  • After cleaning, apply a leather conditioner.
  • You can then use leather shoe polish to make your shoes shine.
  • When you're finished cleaning your shoes, put them in a box or bag and store them in your closet.

Closing Words 


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