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      What are the different types of heels? 

      Heels definitely have a special place in our every women’s hearts.There are different types of heels for women from shoes for everyday office to styles designed for exquisite functions and lavish vacations.The types of heels are also classified as a : high, mid, or low heeled shoes. The criteria for heels range from casual to dressy, sexy to chunky, strappy to fuss-free.Some of the most popular heel types are pumps, stilettos, platform heels etc. You can check out 16 different types of heels in our blog for different types of heels Make sure not only that you always have the right type of heels to match your dress, but also to give you some much-needed confidence boost. 

      Why should you buy heels from Saint G?

      You should definitely buy heels for women online in India from Saint G as each pair of our heels is designed by keeping the new age fashion savvy women in mind. Quality craftsmanship and premium materials reflect in our barely there heels which underlines our meticulous attention to minute details.Saint G is a cult classic for everyone's fashion needs; that’s why it should come as no surprise that we have an exceptional range of branded heels online.We are constantly adding products to the site, which means there’s always something new to shop. So keep checking our website to buy heels for women online from our last collection. 

      Which Is the best party to wear heels in your collection? 

      If you are looking to shop women’s heels online in India from Saint G for festive or party occasions then Saint Elyse Black Leather Heel is the best suitable heel in our collection.

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      Heels For Women: The Right Footwear Can Set You Apart

      Honestly, heels for women are significant, but there are just so many myths surrounding them that you might want to give it up. Well, ladies, let us tell you that those heels on your feet are as charming as the tiara on your head. Do not let it go. The heels for women online in India have gained extreme popularity. And not to be mean, but these are some of the best ones that you can try. You can buy heels online in India from SaintG India. but you must do your research and proceed with it as there are different types of heels available these days. These varied types of heels include; Heels, stilettos online in India, block heels for women, platform heels, etc.

      women heels online For Women

      All heels are not comfortable, which is why you need to be extremely careful. Whenever buying heels for women online, you need to wear the right brand and the correct size. Honestly, small differences will cause huge blunders, which is why you need to be careful.

      It is essential that you quit boring heels and adorn those glamorous high branded heels. Saint G has some of the best designer shoes online and branded heels in India. Not only are these affordable but attractive too.

      Honestly, you rarely would feel any pressure while you adorn these. Don't you trust us? Before we take you to the benefits of wearing those glamorous heels, here are some of the women heels online by SaintG that you shouldn't miss.

      Benefits Of Wearing Heels For Women

      Alright, so there are many myths around us regarding heels for women, and you need to ignore them. If you feel like you can rock the look, you should wear stunning heels for comfort from SaintG.

      Moreover, wearing heels can have several benefits. All you need to do is buy heels online and nourish all the help.

      1. You Feel Taller

      We don't need to tell you this, but you look taller when you wear these heels. If you have an average height, you can quickly meet those model heights once you wear these heels for women. Wearing heels that make you feel tall will eventually boost your confidence. No doubt, heels are a significant game-changer.

      2. Workout The Leg Muscles

      Wearing heels can help you work out those muscles. It makes your leg gain more power and eventually helps you get less fat across the calves. However, the impact will only depend on the size of the women's heels you wear. You will begin to notice the difference in a few months. The more the muscles in your calves, the better you will feel in no time.

      3. Boosts Confidence

      Confidence is beneficial for your physical health. People who lack confidence struggle with their life. Whether you are going on a date or office meeting, your confidence will set you apart. As a result, the heels for women can eventually change the game. When we are tall, we tend to feel like the ones in authority. This also has an essential impact on our mental health and puts us under less stress. Honestly, your right pair of heels is going to get you that contract. Go for it!

      4. Slimming Effect

      Believe it or not, but heels for women can make you feel slim. Heels tend to elongate your legs and can make you walk in a curvier direction than in general. These eventually help to create a silhouette effect, thereby adding extra inches to your height.


      As stated, the right pair of heels for women can have the best effect. So, it would be best if you made your decision, do your research and buy the best-branded heels online in India. Our heels for women online in India is available on our website as well as platforms like Myntra, Amazon etc.