7 Tips For Wearing Ankle Boots

7 Tips For Wearing Ankle Boots


Ask any girl, which is their favourite footwear, and the majority of girls will answer “women ankle boots,” though exceptions are always there. Ankle boots are, undoubtedly, the most versatile, comfortable, and highly durable shoes that look good with any outfit. 

It would neither be wrong nor extravagance to say that ladies ankle boots are a staple item in the wardrobe of every girl across the world. Since ankle boots are versatile, they come in closed and open-toe styles and are often flat, low or high-heeled. There are different types of women ankle boost available in the market, such as platform boots, combat boots, square-toe boots, Chelsea boots, etc. 

However, the one major question mostgirls asks is - how do I wear ankle boots? If you also have the same question, then in this write-up, we will list down the top tips for wearing ankle boots. Stay right here with us till the end of this article. 

Follow these simple tips to wear ankle boots in a stylish way 

Whether it’s a party, any event, or occasion, ankle boots are a perfect piece to help you make a statement wherever you go. However, wearing ankle boots in the right and the ideal way is what makes you a confident lady in whatever attire you wear. Thinking about the right style to wear ladies ankle boots? Hey, Beauties! Hold your breath because below you will read the best and smart tips to help you wear women ankle boots in the most stylish way. 


  • Pair jeans with low-cut ankle boots for a bold look 

    Are you concerned about your short height? If height is your main concern, then wearing low-cut ankle boots with jeans and a top will give you the height and look you desire. Further, if you’re a little fatty, then avoid making your legs appear short or wider by wearing women ankle boots with a low-cut upper. It will give the impression that your legs are longer by creating an optical illusion because people consider ankle boots to be higher. In addition, try to pair your ankle boots with your favourite jeans and a top to attain the bold look. So, them them today. 


  • Stick to lower-upper boots if you’re rolling trousers 

    Just like the first tip mentioned above, here also you need to maintain a balance between your boots and trousers. For instance, if you roll your trousers or jeans, then make sure to leave skin between the boots and the bottom of your trousers/ jeans. It will create the impression that your legs are short, maybe because there is very little space at the bottom of your legs. So, if you want to avoid looking too shorter or larger, then make sure to wear ankle boots with low-cut uppers. 

  • Go with high-heeled ankle boots with a dress 

    Do you want to make a fashion statement with your bold look? If yes, try high-heeled ankle boots with a long and short dress. You can wear thigh-high leather ankle boots with a short dress to get a stylish and fashionable look. Further, you can also consider pairing stiletto-heel ankle boots with a flowy maxi dress or a midi skirt for an evening party or night out. So, why not style this outfit with an open-toe pair of ankle boots in warm weather? 


  • Rock the streets by pairing them with leggings 

    Does it sound too weird to read? Never thought about wearing ladies ankle boots with leggings? Trust us; leggings look great when worn with women ankle boots, as they fit and suit every style. When wearing leggings, show some ankle with low-cut booties to let that bare skin show; this will make your legs look long and lean. Further, you can pair detailed booties with simple or coloured leggings or vice versa. Get Taupe Distressed Leather High Ankle Boots from Saint G to steal the show with your outfits and look.  



  • Try ankle boots with maxi dresses 


    There is no doubt that maxi dresses look pretty stylish and beautiful, but teaming them with ladies ankle boots will help you reflect your style in a unique way. Well, the ideal ankle boot with a maxi dress or skirt would be a tall block heel booty. Further, you can also play around with the shaft height and keep the shaft width in mind to ensure that the booties are not loose while wearing them. Loose booties, and a long maxi dress might feel a little messy and irritating. So, what are you waiting for? Try a maxi dress with women ankle boots to reflect the real you.


  • Go with sleek pair with wide-leg jeans 

    Believe us, the most stylish and classic way to wear ankle boots is with wide-leg jeans. You can wear wide leg jeans and a top and team it with a sleek pair of women ankle boots. But if you truly want to nail the look, make sure to go with a black pair that is tighter and hits higher up on the ankle. This will surely work to create the seamless and chic look you desire. 

  • Balance out oversized with slim boots 

    Want to get a bold, stylish, and fashionable look? Go with slim women ankle boots and team them with an oversized coat. Whenever you wear a plain shorts suit, loose-fitting set, or jumpsuit, make sure to go with slim ladies ankle boots with eye-catching details like black leather upper, round toe, leather lining, etc. This will help you sprinkle some sparkle on the streets. 

    We hope that all the above-mentioned tips for wearing ankle boots are helpful for you to attain the stylish look you desire. If you’re looking to buy high-quality leather women ankle boots, then Saint G is your ideal place to make great deals. We’re the leading brand of men/women leather boots, and we ensure you will buy the most stylish and luxurious leather boots from us. Visit our website and check out our footwear collection right away. 

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