8 Tips To Remove Pain Of Wearing High Heels

8 Tips To Remove Pain Of Wearing High Heels


Some keep heels alongside pain in their dictionary; are you among them? Well, it's not too late to change your perspective about high heels. If you are also among those who experience a nightmare when wearing heels, this "how to comfortably wear heels" guide is just for you. Today, we will tell you how to get rid of heel pain and wear heels comfortably. 

This blog will undoubtedly help you in the long run, so without missing a single point, follow the blog until the end.

Learn How To Comfortably Wear Heels & Get Rid Of Heel Pain!

Since high heels are a very fashionable accessory, it's hard to leave them behind. However, there are certainly some tips and tricks to wear your favourite high heels and get rid of heel pain.

Below mentioned are the most effective tips picked from the "how to comfortably wear heels" guide and sworn by professionals:


  • One deodorant- Many Uses

    The first and most effective tip for staying at bay from heel pain is using deodorant. Diane Pollack, a professional wardrobe consultant, and personal shopper, shares one of the greatest secrets used by celebrities. He said rubbing a deodorant beneath any area of the shoe, like straps, will help get rid of heel pain by preventing chafing. Since deodorants work as moisturizers and keep the heels and shoes from creating friction, if you speculate the truth of this statement, feel free to explore all you want.


  • Buckles and Strapped heels are the most preferred ones.

    You must be aware of the categories of heels available on the e-commerce sites and market. If you want to get rid of heel pain but other methods like taping and moisturizing don't work, the option for heels with buckles and straps can work for you. Wondering how? It's simple science; adjustable straps and fasteners ensure that your feet are snuggly fitted in the heels. It helps you get rid of heel pain by eliminating any unnecessary chaffing, rubbing, and irritation.


  • Manage them like they are your babies.

    Another important thing you must learn from this guide on how to comfortably wear heels is to manage them properly. As we all know, finding a cobbler is quite a task these days, and we also know that you hardly want to part with your favourite pair of heels, no matter how torn and impractical they are. So, what you can do to get rid of heel pain is, take proper care of them and keep them away from moisture and too much sunlight constantly.


  • Stretching the heels is an excellent place to start.

    This is the tip very few people know about. If you are also among them, let us clarify for you; since the new heels or shoes are rigid and can be uncomfortable to wear, stretch them a little using your own shoe stretcher or with the help of a cobbler. By expanding the heels depending on the material, your feet will have a bit extra space to breathe. This way, you will stay at bay from the constant tension built between your heels and feet.

  • A high heel demands a high walk.

    Now moving toward the critical section in our how to comfortably wear heels guide- watch how you walk. Yes, every footwear is built differently and thus demands different handling. This tip is simpler than it actually sounds; you need to keep the front part of your foot first and then the heels while wearing high heels. Doing this will make you walk more comfortably and ultimately help you get rid of heel pain. Remember to follow this point next time you take out your most loved pair of heels.

  • Taping the heels might help you.

    We have found another interesting way to get rid of heel pain from the guide on how to comfortably wear heels. Tape the third and fourth toes of your feet (counting from the big toe) to eliminate the discomfort while wearing heels. There is actually science behind it; the middle toes of your feet have a nerve that contributes to pain. Since the nerve gets alleviated by taping the toes together, you will have a wonderful heel-wearing experience.


  • Heard of the frozen water hack or silicon gel inserts? Try them!

    If your heels are a little tight and cause discomfort, this is an effective tip to get rid of heel pain. Take a zip lock bag, fill it halfway with water and keep it inside the heels. Now keep the heels inside the freezer, and your task is done. Since the water will eventually freeze inside the heel, it will expand and make space for your feet. This tip is similar to the expanding heel technique; it's just you are doing it without exerting force.

  • Leather can be your best friend.

    See, leather is more than just class and luxury; it also means comfort. Leather heels are found to be the most comfortable when compared with other synthetic-made heels. Since leather is a natural material, it has a more elastic tendency. When you wear leather heels, they will fit snuggly to your feet, providing you with the maximum level of comfort. Also, heels with leather soles are more comfortable to wear and absorb the most shock while walking. Hence, if you want to get rid of heel pain and discomfort, you should try leather-made heels.



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