A Complete Guide: Heels Over Crocs And Birks (2023)

A Completer Guide: Heels Over Crocs And Birks (2023)


You are the women of the 21st century and know the benefits of High Heels better than most. It is said that heels can add to your charm and femininity like any other accessory. Marilyn Monroe didn't even shy away from stating, "I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot." Well, we can hardly negate the truth of Marilyn's comment. High heels are the emblem of sheer femininity and sexuality. You can get a variety of women heels online and add a much-needed elegance to your dull and staple outfit.

If you are battling to buy women heels online, your struggle ends here. Not only is getting your hands on the right pair of heels a troublesome task, but they are also a real pain in the foot if chosen wrong, especially if you buy heels online. In this post, we will guide you through purchasing the most comfortable women heels online.

Heels Over Crocs And Birks

Why would you choose heels over the comfy crocs and birks? Well, ladies, if this question has been a mystery to you, we are confident that this post will erase all your doubts and give you a new perspective on buying heels online.

These are the things you should consider when investing in women heels online; read carefully!

1. Heels Are An Emblem Of Style

When talking about how high heels contribute to women's style, this statement by Linda Gray, "I think any woman can be transformed by a beautiful dress and high heels", crosses the mind. As you all know, women do many things to make themselves look and feel stylish, and high heels play a crucial part in it. When you go to an e-commerce store to buy women heels online, you will find a long list of options in different styles, colours, heights, materials, occasions, etc. Think about ‘when’ you want to wear these heels and then get them accordingly.

2. Heels Complete The Look Of Any Outfit

Moving forward, how can high heels help you complete any outfit?". Fashion designers and popular influencers all swear by the importance of footwear and heels when crafting an outfit. There are many tips for buying women's heels that bring delicacy and femininity to your overall appearance; start with smaller-height heels that enunciate the shape of your legs and bring attention to your outfit. For instance, if you plan to wear a detailed and bling outfit to a wedding, try opting for a subtle pair of heels online. 

3. A Statement Heel Is Enough To Earn Praise

"Heels are a force to be reckoned with, 'literally' if used as a weapon" - Anonymous writer. We talked about how heels complete the look of any outfit, and you should buy women heels online that bring focus to your dress. However, high heels can be the sole show-stopper and earn you hefty praise. Buy heels online that look funky and vibrant, like these Saint Elena Multicolor Handcrafted Leather Strappy Block Heels. Their multi-coloured look will give a vibrance to your appearance, and even if you are wearing a basic plain dress, these statement heels are enough to make a statement for you.

4. Technology + Heels Equals To Style In Comfort.

"High heels are pleasure with pain"- Christian Louboutin. We're sorry, but no more Mr Louboutin; heels are now much more than a painful accessory. There is a misconception about high heels that wearing them is an uncomfortable and painful experience. Still, with modern heel-making technology, you can buy women heels online that provide you with the same level of comfort as a pair of crocs. Invest in heels that are your size, and go a size larger if they have closed ends; this way, you'll be getting heels that are both stylish and comfortable.

5. The Luxurious Feel Heels Deliver Is Unmatched

Luxury is a thing to be felt, and what better way to experience it than by buying stylish and luxurious women heels online? We won't say that heels complete a woman because they don't; however, we can indeed say that heels add to how women feel. Fancy heels like Saint Ruby Embroidered Leather Block Heel Mules are the best illustration of luxury. Pair them with a black night dress, add simple diamond earrings and let this heel do its magic and make you taste luxury. 

6. Heels Come In All Heights

One of the most important and obvious reasons to buy heels online is that heels provide you with the required height. There is an array of height options when you are buying heels online. The possibilities are endless, from a basic 7 cm heel like Saint Bianca Black Leather Stellito Heel Mules to an 11 cm heel like Saint Eilish Black Snake Print Leather Buckle Kitten Heels. Invest in a pair of heels that is comfortable for you and meets your requirements. We advise starting with the lesser heel height to a more prominent one if you have just started wearing heels.

7. You Feel Confident On Wearing Them

"You put high heels on, and you change" - Manola Blahnik; you are the judge of how much weight this statement holds. When asked how women feel while wearing high heels, the first reply is that it makes them feel confident and empowered. Your body automatically straightens when you stand on heels, and due to the height it gives, you start feeling empowered. The extra inches and straightened body help you face the world and worldly challenges with a more assertive persona. 



Saint G is an iconic shoe brand that provides customers with the highest quality products. We bring timeless and elegant designs, designed in Milan, that are both functional and stylish. Saint G takes pride in delivering fine and authentic leather products, from leather bags and accessories to men's and women's footwear, that are minutely detailed and built to provide the utmost level of comfort to our clients. We aim to bring fashion-forward products to our inclusive and most loved customers. 

So, dear ladies, shop for women heels online from our online store and take the world with feminine confidence!

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