Brogues For Men To Go With Everything You Wear

Brogues For Men To Go With Everything You Wear


Brogues look unique due to the distinct punching patterns in them. It is their USP and the source of their universal appeal. Brogues are defined by the perforated patterns on the shoe uppers. This pattern is called broguing. Any shoe with a broguing pattern can also be called a brogue. So, if an oxford shoe or a monk strap shoe, or a Chelsea boot has a broguing pattern, they will also be called brogue shoes. Let's have a look at some of the best brogue shoes that are in vogue currently.

Brogues for Men- Popular Designs

Have a look at some popular designs of brogues below.


1.Wingtip Brogues

Wingtips are the full brogues that have complete broguing patterns from lacing panels to heels, and a "W" shaped extension that finishes along the sides to the toe box medallion. Due to the full patterns, these can be worn with casual wear too. 


2. Half Brogue Shoes

Half-brogues also called semi-brogues have full punching patterns except for the wingtip patterns along the sides of the shoes. The less detailing makes them a bit more formal than wingtips. 


3. Quarter Brogues

Quarter brogues have broguing patterns just on the toe-cap seam. The minimal amount of detailing makes them ideal as dress shoes.


4. Medallion Brogues for Men

Medallion brogues have punching patterns in the shape of a medallion only on the toe cap of the shoe. The minimal amount of detailing also makes them ideal as formal shoes.


5. Spectator Brogues

Spectator brogues are a type of full brogues made of two contrasting shades of leather. This striking look makes them perfect for casual wear.


6. Derby Brogues

Derby brogues are Derby shoes with broguing patterns on them. These are the best brogue shoes to be paired with semi-formal and smart casual wear.


7. Monk Brogues for Men

Monk brogues are monk strap shoes with broguing patterns on them. Just like derby brogues, these can be paired with smart casuals, semi-formals, and even formal wear.


8. Oxford Brogues

Oxford brogues are Oxford shoes with broguing patterns on them. These generally have minimal patterns and are the best brogue shoes for formal wear.

Brogues for Men with Different Outfits?

Brogues shoes are versatile footwear that works with all types of clothes and outfits. Here are some of the ways to style brogues with popular men's wear.  

Best Brogue Shoes with Jeans

Brogues with jeans work well and look great as a smart casual look. Here are some of the ways you can pair your denim wear with brogues.

    1. Wear charcoal jeans with a navy blue shirt and a pair of brown or black wingtips. For winters, throw in a navy blue blazer of the same shade.
        2. For a more rugged look, wear navy jeans with brown brogue boots. Wear a white or black V-neck tee on top. If feeling a bit chilly, throw in a brown leather bomber jacket.
            3. Pair your light blue ripped jeans with a beige crew-neck tee. Go for a spectator brogue in tan and black to complete the ensemble.
                4. For a slightly more formal look, wear your blue jeans with a brown plaid long sleeve shirt. Pair your blue leather brogues for men in a monk strap design and look perfectly kitted out.
                    5. If you want to look a bit more formal than above but still want to wear your jeans, then this is the right look for you. Pair your black boot cut jeans with a chambray shirt. Throw in a gray blazer and wear the semi or quarter brogue shoes in black. 

                      Brogues for Men with Gym and Leisure Wear

                      You won't believe it but brogues to some extent work well with gym wear also. Have a look at some styling ideas for brogues with leisure and gym wear.

                        1. Wear black sweatpants with an olive camouflage tee. Make the combination more refined by adding a pair of wingtip brogues in the mix. 
                            2. Stripes are in. So why not wear vertical striped sweatpants with your Chelsea brogues and throw in a neutral-colored tee to balance the look. 

                                3. Pair your two-toned lace-up brogues with charcoal cargo pants and wear them with a red checked flannel shirt. For winter, wear a grey wool bomber jacket for a game-changing look. 



                                Brogues With Leisure Wear



                                  Best Brogue Shoes with Shorts

                                  Brogues look amazing with well-cut shorts. You get a certain preppy and sophisticated look that is perfect for vacations. Here are some styling ideas for wearing brogues with shorts.

                                    1. Wear a navy crew-neck tee with navy cotton shorts. Pair them with brown-colored leather brogues to balance the all-blue look.
                                        2. Wear your white tailored shorts with a light blue gingham long sleeve shirt for that snobby lunch at the club. Be a bit more formal by pairing them with tan leather monk strap brogues with minimal detailing.

                                            3. For a day out at the beach, pair your light blue denim shorts with a white short sleeve shirt. Pair them with blue or black brogues and look the king of casual cool. 


                                              Brogues for Men with Chinos

                                              Chinos are more casual wear than dress pants. These work well with business casuals and even semi-formal wear. Here are some of the ways you can style your brogues with chinos for a relaxed and sophisticated look.

                                                1. Wear cream white chinos with a black polo tee and make it dressier by pairing them with a pair of burgundy single monk strap brogues.
                                                    2. We are again going with white chinos as we are in love with them. For a cool business casual look, pair your egg-shell white chinos with a single shade olive long sleeve shirt. Pair them with olive leather décor brogues for a unique match-up.
                                                        3. Wear classic khaki chinos with a blue polo t-shirt. Pair them with blue leather brogues shoes for a laid-back and cool ensemble.

                                                            4. Wear your black chinos and combine them with a light blue chambray long sleeve shirt. Throw in a navy blazer for winters. Pair them with gray or black leather square-toed brogues to look effortlessly dapper. 



                                                            Brogue Shoes With Chinos



                                                              Best Brogue Shoes with Tailored Trousers and Suits

                                                              Brogues are meant to be worn with dress pants and suits. Whether for office wear or a formal event or even for a business lunch, here are some of the ways to style brogues with dress pants and suits.

                                                                1. Wear a navy blue vertical striped suit with a dark blue navy oxford shirt and a matching tie. Pair them with blue leather double monk strap brogues for an amazing monochromatic look. If feeling chilly, then add a dark brown overcoat for an eye-catching contrast.

                                                                2. For a stylish on-the-edge look, wear a gray fitted suit with a black knitted tee-shirt. You can also substitute the tee with a black turtleneck for winters. Pair them with elegant gray or black décor brogue shoes. 

                                                                  3. A brown check suit with a white formal oxford shirt makes for a smart and dapper outfit. Elevate your ensemble by finishing it off with tan or brown lace-up brogues.

                                                                      4. Wear your light blue tailored trousers with a black print dress shirt. Pair them with two-toned monk strap brogues to make an amazing fashion statement.

                                                                          5. Wear a teal suit with a checked geometric short sleeve shirt for a smart casual look. Bump it to full formal wear by substituting the short-sleeved shirt with a proper white dress shirt. Wear a spectator brogue for a casual look and black or blue décor brogues for a formal style. 



                                                                          Brogues With Tailored Suits



                                                                            Concluding Thoughts

                                                                            So, these are some of the ways you can style brogues for men with different outfits. Brogues due to their distinct style look great with all sorts of outfits. Browse our collection of premium brogue shoes and mix and match to create your own unique style.

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