How to Choose Comfortable High Heels

Tips On How to Choose Comfortable High Heels


how to choose comfortable heels



High heels elevate the style and attractiveness of any outfit they are paired with. They look good in jeans, a long skirt or office wear. They look equally good with traditional Indian wear like Sarees and other ensembles. But there are some misconceptions like an uncomfortable walking experience and aches in the legs attached to wearing high heels. But if you will always have a comfortable experience along with rocking your glamourous high heel look if you acquire the right pair of heels suited to you. Allow us in the article below to walk you through some important tips on selecting the right and comfortable pair of high heels.  


1. Try High Heels after Mid-Day or Evening Time

If you try high heels in the early morning, you may purchase a pair that feels the right fit at the time only to constrict and hurt your feet come evening. Feet expand and are a little bit bigger and swollen at the end of the day due to all the punishment they take throughout the day. The right time to try and purchase a pair of high heels is in the evening when your feet will be at their largest. 

2. Pick the Heels of the Right Fit and Size

Never purchase a pair of heels without trying them first. Different brands' sizes and fit may differ slightly. That slight difference can transform a comfortable walking experience into nightmarish. Also, variations in weight, whether gained or lost make a notable difference too. The heels that fit too tight will constrict your feet and cause pain, and a heel that fits loosely will cause your feet to slide up, down, and sideways. It raises the possibility of losing balance and falling along with blisters on the feet and bleeding. Therefore, only pick those comfortable high heels that fit you perfectly, neither too tight, nor too loose on your feet, just firm. 

3. Toes Matter Too

The high heels you purchase should provide optimum space for your toes. Heels that cramp your toes will cause pain when walking and increase the possibility of getting bunions, and corns and developing hammertoes and even arthritis later in life. If your feet tend to be on the wider side, pick round toes and almond toes heels over pointy ones. If you still prefer pointy toes then opt for heels offering a deeper toe box and the pointy toe heels having a slightly rounded almond shape. These comfortable and stylish heels will provide better overall space for your toes and avoid the above-mentioned risks and issues. 

4. Try Heels by Walking on Them

Testing and trying the heels does not end at fitting only. You need to wear and walk around them in the shoe store. Go forward and backwards and even sideways. Try walking on different surfaces too, like carpets and then a bare surface inside the store. The bare and harder surface will let you experience how walking on them, in general, will feel like. Check for any uncomfortable feelings. For eg, if the heels rub uncomfortably against the sole and back of the feet, then the chances of getting a blister increase while wearing the heels day to day. So, try the heels thoroughly and then make a well-thought-out decision to purchase comfy high heels

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5. Practice walking at home 

Heels increase your height and make your legs appear longer, but wearing heels takes a bit of practice beforehand. If you are trying heels for the first time, better walk in them in the safety of your home first. If you still feel uncomfortable you can always exchange or return but take care to not get them scuffed, scratched, or dirtied. Also, keep these things in your mind before taking the first step in your heels.

- Heels are long so they will shorten your stride and steps, don’t try to walk in them like you would in flats.

- When walking, ensure that your heels remain upright; do not allow them to roll to the side. This causes the heel to slide and you to fall. 

If you follow these pointers diligently, you are ready to rock your comfortable party heels.

6. Check the Sole thickness and Cushioning Provided

Wearing heels puts more pressure on your feet, especially the balls of the feet. Before purchasing that coveted pair, check that they have proper padding and cushioning in the area that supports the balls of the feet. High heels with excellent cushioning and padding provide great support and comfort to your feet. Now wear your comfortable work heels fearlessly during working hours and even after that. 

7. Go for Genuine Leather or Suede High Heels 

Genuine things are always appreciated and treasured. The same is the case with your comfortable and stylish heels. Acquire a pair of genuine leather or suede high heels instead of the ones made of synthetic leather. Genuine leather and suede heels offer many benefits. They are breathable, keep your feet cold and dry, take shape as per your feet, are durable, and look classy and elegant compared to synthetic ones. You may pay a bit more while purchasing pure leather heels but your feet and aesthetic sense will thank you in the long run. You can easily check if the heels are made of pure leather or not. Check the label or inside of the heels. If nothing or man-made leather or material is printed on them, then these are synthetic shoes. If made from pure leather or suede, or leather upper or suede is mentioned, then rest assured, these are genuine leather heels. 

8. Check the Heel Placement and Thickness 

When purchasing heels, even before trying check the heel placement first. It should not be placed far or too close. The heel should be positioned just beneath your own. This heel position provides better support to the body. Also, check for the thickness and choose those heels that distribute the weight evenly over the foot. Wider and thicker heels are better at protecting your feet than narrow and thin ones. Do keep these things in mind before acquiring a new pair of comfy high heels

9. Heel height  

If you are planning to purchase a pair of heels, then do keep in mind the heel height. The most comfortable high heels tend to be between 3 to 9 centimetres in length. Wearing very high heels for a prolonged period may thus increase the risks associated with these body parts. Do choose what is right for you and appeals to you most. 

High Heels-What, When, Where to Wear

After the tips on purchasing the right pair of heels, let us look briefly at when and where to wear heels.

  • For day-to-day wear, get a pair of Kitten heels that are up to 4 centimetres in height.

  • Classic and comfortable work heels should be between 7 to 8 centimetres high. 

  • Comfortable party heels should be up to 10 centimetres in length. Wear them for parties and formal dinners.

  • Wear very high heels between 12 to 16 centimetres only on those events when you do not have to do much walking. These may look pretty and striking but will be difficult to walk in. 


So, these were some tips on purchasing the right pair of comfortable high heels. Heels should enhance your style and attractiveness and also make you feel comfortable and confident. Select the right heels and pamper yourself and your feet. Do browse through our selection of high heels and shop the one just made for you. 


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