Tips and Tricks to Differentiate between Genuine Leather Shoes and Faux Leather Shoes

Tips and Tricks to Differentiate between Genuine Leather Shoes and Faux Leather Shoes



Things made from genuine leather are extremely beautiful, and you can eventually detect the difference in no time. Faux leather can degrade the entire look. But, genuine leather shoes appear class apart. They provide a natural, rich, and synthetic look. Time has moved at a speed rate, and eventually, you can notice the difference in objects made of synthetic and real leather shoes. Most products made from genuine leather are termed as pure leather or claim to have been made of genuine leather. You can often get confused because marketers tend to mislead consumers.

How To Distinguish Between Genuine vs Faux Leather Shoes? 

When you are at a store finding genuine leather shoes, you are bound to be confused. Finding one genuine leather shoe can make you confused. If you are purchasing the shoes from a physical store, you might be at the place that claims to be the best. However, if you are to buy genuine leather shoes from an online store, you can become confused. Some of the prominent tips and tricks that can help to detect the difference between faux (also known as Artificial leather) and genuine leather casual shoes include

1. Check out the product's description

Never buy leather shoes without checking the product's description. This holds to be valid for online buyers. If you want to buy authentic leather shoes, you need to read between the lines. Many offline store manufacturers claim to provide the best genuine leather shoes. But you can't trust all the claims. Make sure to read between fine lines to determine if those are real leather or faux leather shoes. Many shoe manufacturers always mention "man-made leather" in the description itself. If any such thing is said in the product, you should be sure that it is faux leather or synthetic leather. However, sometimes the manufacturer mentions nothing regarding the product. If so, then there are high chances that shoes aren't made of genuine leather. 

2. Check for little grains as it reflects the genuineness of the leather

Imperfections are a sign of perfections in leather. If there are grains, pebbles, and pores in the leather, you can be sure that it is real leather. Genuine leather shoes are made of animal skin. Each of those shoes has a random and unique design depending on the animal from whom it is made. However, if the leather is regular and has an even surface, it is surely faux leather shoes. If the leather has wrinkles, creases and scratches, it is a sign of pure leather. However, times are evolving, and people are becoming more skilled in replicating real leather. As a result, when you purchase shoes online, you only have the pictures. Pictures can, however, make it tough to determine the difference between real and faux leather shoes.

3. Press the leather to check for wrinkles and creases

Genuine leather will reflect its genuineness on being pressed. It creates wrinkles similar to real skin. However, when you press down faux leather shoes, it will come back to its natural shape without any creases. It maintains rigidity and shape. While you may believe it to be the best, this might not be the right thing to do.

4. Shapes itself as per your feet

Genuine leather shoes change with time. Hence, genuine leather shoes do not maintain any rigidity. On the other hand, faux leather shoes are rigid. The genuine leather shoes will fit you as per your fitting. If the shoe is uncomfortable and doesn't fit you perfectly, then it's a clear indication that it is made of faux leather.

5. Check out the smell

Genuine leather shoes have a very distinct musty smell. If you have confusion regarding the smell, you may want to move to the store. Make sure to check the smell of genuine leather. Many stores sell real leather. You can check the smell of bags and shoes. These stores keep synthetic materials as well. If you want to distinguish, you need to smell both to determine if it works for you. Once you know the smell, you will easily be able to differentiate between the two. Genuine leather is refurbished or improved animal skin. On the other hand, faux leather is made using plastic. So, genuine leather shoes are bound to have a musty smell, while faux leather shoes will smell similar to plastic. Although the distinction is just in words, it would be better if you checked it out on your own. 

6. Go for the fire test

Experimentation is good. However, you may not be allowed to conduct a fire test in-store. If you want to check the leather's quality, you should light up the flame for three to five seconds over it. Sneakers or Shoes made of genuine leather will show signs of charring and will also give out the smell of burnt hair. However, faux leather will catch the flame immediately and will smell like burning plastic. 

7. Bend the leather to detect the colour change

Genuine leather is very flexible. The bending test is very similar to the wrinkle test. Genuine leather's elasticity is unique, and on being bent, genuine leather wrinkles up and changes colour. However, faux leather is rigid and will not bend. If the shoes bend and have a slight colour change, it is a sign that the shoe is made of genuine leather. 

8. Conduct the water taste

One of the easiest ways to detect whether the leather shoes are genuine or fake is to conduct a water test. Genuine leather absorbs moisture while faux leather retains it. If the water is absorbed in a few seconds itself, it signifies that the shoes are made of genuine leather. However, if it does not absorb water, it is a sign that shoes are made of faux leather.

9. The price difference

No genuine leather product is ever cheap unless it's on a discount by the manufacturer itself. The real leather shoes for women are often sold for a fixed price. If you want to purchase genuine leather shoes, you should look around yourself. Researching natural, semi, and faux leathers will eventually help to find out the best.  Cow leather is extremely durable and has a strong tanning capacity. As a result, the price for shoes made of cow leather is generally high. Split leather, on the other hand, is generally cheaper than belting leather. Sometimes you may be given deals on shoes that are too good to be true. Well, don't fall into the trap and move ahead. Genuine leather shoes are costly. However, the price of genuine leather would vary, too, depending on the type of leather it is made of. 

10. Coloured leather is genuine too

Many tend to ignore coloured leather shoes for men claiming that these might be fake. However, they might be not. Genuine leather shoes are coloured to increase attractiveness. Apart from texture, you should check the texture, feel, and smell too. 

What Are The Different Types Of Genuine Leather?

Not everything that you see in the market is genuine. It is essential to be careful to find out the best. Genuine leather is the only legitimate leather in the market. Many are scared of being duped into buying faux or fake leather. However, experts know that there are different real leather and genuine leather grades, only falling in the second-lowest grade quality. The most common types of real leather include
  1. Full Grain Leather
  2. Genuine Leather
  3. Bonded Leather
  4. Top Grain Leather

The top grain leather products are real or luxurious leather products. But, compared to other leather products, they have a smooth touch and finish. Leather products are bound to have imperfections. The top grain leather has a smoother finish than full-grain leather products. Top grain leather may not be as strong as full grain, but it surely is effective. 


Whenever you purchase leather shoes, it is better to buy leather shoes online. The faux leather shoes wear out with time. Investing a little more will only be beneficial for the near future and secure it for you. Moreover, original leather shoes last for a significant sum of time. Shop supreme quality leather shoes online from Saint G to leave a lasting impression wherever you go!

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