Different Types Of Boots You Need To Have In Your Closet

Different Types Of Boots You Need To Have In Your Closet

9 Types of Boots That Are Worth Investing In

Boots are the perfect choice for the winter as well as autumn when the days are chilly, and you need lots of extra coverage. Now, there is no reason to feel that winter clothing cannot be fashionable because we have you covered here. While you already know that there is a wide range of autumn and winter clothing lines for you to look your best, we will help you to take the shoe game to the next level. In this post, we are going to discuss types of boots that you must try out this winter. Once you start liking these different types of boots, we have another surprise for you. It is that boots can be your best friend for the whole year because there are choices for every season.

Different Types of Boots to Up Your Fashion Game!

Of course, you must have heard that there are different types of boots. However, the list below will be a surprise for a lot of you because there is a mention of some styles that you never knew about. So, let’s start booting up!

1. Desert Boots

These boots typically have a rounded toe, and low heel look and mostly reaches till your ankles. Almost like your classic chukka boots, the lacing section comes together to form a double-eyelet design. They are mostly made out of suede or pure leather. If we look back, a pair of these were typically one of the most versatile types of boots for men. However, presently, you can find quite a few varieties of the same for women. The desert boots are named so because of its history in the African deserts. It is where people started wearing it mostly. Now, that is how the desert boots became popular. These boots are available in a variety of colours and go very well with semi-casual attires.





2. Chelsea Boots

Here is the modern version of riding boots that look incredibly smart with both formal and casual looks. These ankle-length types of boots have a tight fit, and the elastic on the sides help to keep the shape intact. Unlike the majority of other boots, you will hardly find a zipper or laces in this one. When you are wearing the shoes, there is a loop on the backside of the shoes that will help you to pull them up. Moreover, if you want to know something about the back story of the Chelsea boots, firstly, it originates back to the Victorian Era. Since then, both women and men used to wear these types of boots. The best part is about the discoverer of the Chelsea boots. Well, it was J. Sparks-Hall, who was also Queen Victoria’s shoemaker. The name of the shoes is after the famous Chelsea Square in London.





3. Cowboy Boots

Also called as country boots, these are the ones sans lacing. Moreover, these types of boots come with what we call ‘Cuban heels’ that are a little slanting towards the front. The USP of such classic boots is the pointy toes and beautiful stitches. During the early 1900s, these were the typical shoes for men in America. Later, these started gaining popularity, especially when Hollywood actors were wearing these in movies and in general too. Presently, the cowboy boots are sold in a wide range of designs and colours. Although a pair of country boots look very smart with anything, the best match is when you are wearing bold casuals. Moreover, these are now one of the types of boots for women too.





4. Combat Boots

Have you seen the army people wearing those heavy boots? Well, the combat boots are nothing but those only. Now, of course, it is not only worn by the army people because the smart and versatile boots are sheer favourites of many. The fabric for these shoes are always thick, and there are rubber soles to ensure the best fit. Moreover, there is a reason why soldiers prefer wearing these types of boots over any other. It is because the material of these is tough enough to go through any season. The most common colour of these boots is black that comes with a chunkiness. However, there are presently different colours of these too. At the same time, the classic combination is wearing combat boots with a stern masculine look. However, fashion is a game, and so you can play it according to your choice. For example, you can team up some very girly clothes with combat boots!





5. Biker Boots

As the name suggests, it was initially made for riding bikes. The trademark of biker boots is the straps and buckles. Moreover, the height of heels in case of biker boots are low so that it is easier to control the bikes. The most common colour available for biker boots is black, and these shoes are naturally masculine when it comes to the looks of it. Besides, the reason for the attractiveness of these boots is several buckles, often in silver or gold colour. Therefore, an ideal way of making these boots shine is to wear them with simple clothes so that they can do the talking!





6. Ankle Boots

Just like the name suggests these Ankle boots are versatile and go well with almost all that you wear. Mostly, feminine, there are ankle boots for men too. The best part is that ankle boots are available in so many different sizes and colours. However, the common factor in all these is the fact that the shoes will reach till your ankles only. There is nothing much to say about these boots as you already know they can make you look stylish no matter what.





7. Sock Boots

These boots are more of a part of the latest fashion. Moreover, these are typical heels, and the top of the shoes reach up till your calves just like socks. Therefore, the looks are incredibly flattering, mostly because it camouflages thin legs. The most common materials used to make sock boots are suede, neoprene, and leather. Now, the heels are available in a variety of types that include stiletto or chunky. Besides, the style of these boots makes them fit well with anything from casual to very dressy.





8. Platform Boots

The trademark to identify platform boots are the thicker than usual soles that give your feet aright height. Usually, the heels raise the ankles more than the toes, and the size of the platform is between 1 and 4 inches. The platform boots were initially worn in Greece and were considered quite a signature style statement. Moreover, from earlier times, ankle boots are quite attractive because they are readily available in different colours.





9. Slouch Boots

You will understand they are slouch boots when you see the shaft of the shoes unstable and folding down easily. Moreover, these are available in a variety of lengths, including the ankle ones, knee-length, or without any heels. These boots originated during the 1980s and incredibly Bohemian and chic. Moreover, they are available in different colours so you can wear them with elegant or casual attires. So, here we have concluded our list of different types of boots for men and women that are a must in your closet.





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