15 Different Types Of Sneakers

Different Types of Sneakers



Different Types Of Sneakers



Sneakers are preferred by both men and women as they are comfortable and always in trend. Their popularity has never diminished since they were introduced. Sneakers are relaxed footwear that is available in a range of styles and designs. And there is a sneaker for every occasion you can imagine. You can walk, play sports, finish your chores and hang out with friends while wearing them. You can also wear them with all types of clothes and combinations. You can wear them with jeans, shorts, and with socks or barefoot. 

With so many styles and designs around, we have compiled this article to help you sort, identify and choose from different types of sneakers available out there.  

Sneakers got their name as wearing them you can “sneak up” quietly on someone as opposed to hard-soled leather footwear. Let’s have a look at different types of classic and trendy sneaker types that should be a part of your shoe closet.

1. Slip-on Sneakers

Slip-on sneakers are low-rise shoes without any need for shoelaces. Due to their lace-less construction, you do not need to bend down and tie your shoelaces. You can just “slip on” these incredibly comfortable shoes and be ready. Slip-on sneakers come in innovative designs and different patterns. Wear these in-demand shoes for casual occasions. Since these are low-rise footwear, wear low and ankle-cut socks to accentuate your look. High-length socks on the other hand will be unflattering at the very least.

2. Plimsoll Sneakers

Plimsoll sneakers also have a low-rise construction but come with shoelaces. Slip-on sneakers can be characterized as Plimsoll sneakers without shoelaces. Plimsoll sneakers are the most popular and widely available sneakers ever. Due to their low-rise construction, these are also known as “low-top” sneakers. These types of sneakers look great with skinny and rolled-up jeans, linen chinos, and denim shorts. The key is to reveal your ankles and wear no-show socks instead of higher-length socks.

3. Platform or Chunky Sneakers

Platform or chunky sneakers cater to a predominantly women audience. These are a relatively new trend and feature a big chunky sole. They are comfortable and great for walking. Platform sneakers look amazingly hot, make you appear taller, and elevate all types of casual outfits. 

4. High Top Sneakers

These types of sneakers were originally meant for basketball courts but have gained a cult following among sneaker aficionados. Kanye West and basketball great Michael Jordan’s preferences for high-top sneakers also helped this footwear gain high popularity. Another helpful factor in their popularity is that you can wear them with all types of socks, especially the high-length ones. High-top sneakers are the perfect accessory for a party ensemble. These look great with tight and well-fitted jeans, chinos, shorts, capri pants, and even trousers. We recommend Saint Tesoro’s range of high-top sneakers from the Saint G India collection for your next outing. 



Saint Tesoro Burgundy Handcrafted Leather Sneakers



5. Canvas Sneakers

Canvas sneakers have more to do with material and less with design. Canvas sneakers have uppers constructed from breathable and durable canvas fabric. Most of the classic designs like plimsolls are canvas sneakers as their uppers are constructed of this material. Converse All-Stars is one of the most recognizable canvas sneakers brands. Canvas sneakers look great with rolled-up jeans and other casual outfits.  

6. Textile Blend Sneakers

These types of sneakers are made from a blend of materials including leather, plastic, and different types of textiles and fabrics. Experimentation and combination of different materials make for striking and breathtaking designs that are highly coveted. If you don’t believe us, then check out the Saint Kacey range of velvet sneakers for women from the Saint G India collection. Don’t miss your chance and get a pair of these gorgeous shoes while they are in stock. 



Saint Kacey Peach Velvet Sneaker



7. Weatherproof Sneakers

Weatherproof sneakers are designed to protect your feet from rain and water. These typically feature rubber soles, a weatherproof upper, and other water-resistant features. Get a pair of them for monsoons and other bad weather conditions and keep your feet dry. 


8. Thong Sneakers

Thong sneakers are warm-weather sneakers that are meant to be worn without socks. Most of them feature an upper leather construction that has an open-heel design just like sandals and slip-on shoes. The sides of the footwear are cut out or made of highly breathable fabrics for improved ventilation. Wear them in the summer and for your next beach holiday.


9. Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers are a hot commodity in the world of sneakers. These types of sneakers are trendy and have a timeless appeal at the same time. Leather upper construction gives them a premium look and high durability. These are versatile shoes that look equally great with casuals and also with formal attire if you know what to choose. Due to their top-quality leather construction, these are softer on the inside and highly durable at the same time. Leather sneakers fit and mould to your feet like a glove providing a highly comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience. 

Do check out the Saint Artemas and Saint Lamberto range of leather sneakers from Saint G India providing the best in luxury and style. 



Saint Artemas Black Handcrafted Leather Sneakers



10. Velcro Sneakers

Velcro sneakers have Velcro fastening instead of shoelaces. Velcro fastening provides a firm grip on the shoe and you can use them for daily wear and as walking shoes. These can come in different types of styles and designs; the only requirement is that they should have a Velcro fastening. Wear them smartly and with proper consideration for a unique smart-casual look.


11. Sock Sneakers

As opposed to the thong sneakers, these types of sneakers are designed for colder months and regions. These are made of soft and warm materials like sheepskin and wool with an extra layer at the top that is removable. The lining and insulation protect the feet and keep them warm. Wear them in winter and for winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding.


12. Printed Sneakers 

These types of sneakers are made in different styles, colours, designs, and patterns. The patterns may range from abstract, plaid to animal print. Printed sneakers are a high fashion accessory that makes nearly all types of outfits fashionable. Check out the much-recommended and highly sought-after range of Saint Flavia and Saint Maeve range of snake print vegan leather sneakers from the Saint G India collection. 



Saint Flavia Burgundy Snake Print Vegan Leather Sneakers



13. Orthopaedic Sneakers

Orthopaedic sneakers support and protect the foot and eliminate any discomfort while you are walking or running. Traction and air-cushioned sneakers are examples of these sneakers. These 2 shoes have a cushion between the sole and shoe and are a blessing for people with wide and high arches. These sneakers provide stability, are great for walking long distances, and prevent foot injuries like ankle sprains.


14. Studded Sneakers

Studded sneakers feature unique designs and embellishments like studs made of metal and other materials. They project a punk rock look and are used by millennials and post-millennials as a form of self-expression through clothing and accessories. These types of sneakers are strictly casual and come in different types of designs, patterns, and embellishments. We recommend Saint Ariana White & Green gold metal studded sneakers from Saint G India collection.  


15. Athletics Sneakers

The world of athletic sneakers is exciting and vast. We will create a separate article dedicated to athletic sneakers in the future. Here is a brief preview of this versatile footwear. Athletic sneakers are sports shoes that provide good grip, stability, and support to the feet. Athletics sneakers are designed for sports but are worn for all types of activities and occasions. Some examples of athletic sneakers are cross-trainers, running shoes, court shoes, racing shoes, and barefoot sneakers. These types of sneakers can be termed as the best combination of style and functionality.  


Your shoe wardrobe can never be complete without a pair of sneakers. Sneakers have become a fashion statement. From formal events to casual gatherings, you can spot celebrities and fashion icons sporting a pair of sneakers. Armed with the above sneaker information, shop with abandon and get your favourite pair of sneakers today. 

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