Sneakers for Women for Your Wardrobe 2022

Sneakers for Women for Your Wardrobe 2022


Sneakers For Women Which Goes With Your Wardrobe

Sneakers are cool companions that are comfortable and never go out of fashion. Sneakers are not confined to basketball courts anymore nor do they come in simple canvas styles. Sneakers come in wholly new and unique designs nowadays. You can wear these cool relaxed footwear with athleisure, casual wear and the right style of sneakers even pair well with business casuals. Here are some of the sneakers for women that will work with a whole lot of outfits and find a pride of place in your wardrobe. 


1. Lace-up Sneakers

Lace-up sneakers are the classic style of sneakers that come with shoelaces for fastening. These are also called trainers or kicks. White is the optimal color that goes with almost everything, especially jeans, shorts, and skirts. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can pair them with dresses too. 

Lace-up Sneakers


2. Slip-on Sneakers for Women

Slip-on sneakers do not have shoelaces for fastening. These make them easy to slip on and be ready in a jiffy. These come in different new designs each year. This year our favorite is the “Heather White Leather Shoes” from the Saint G collection. 



3. Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers are trendy and popular women’s footwear. These come in a clean shape and have chunky soles. These are great for walking, running, and just hanging around. 



4. Low-top Sneakers for Women

Low-top sneakers as the name suggests have a low-rise construction. These are classic sneakers that used to come in a single color. But new designs may feature prints, straps, and patterns that elevate the construction of shoes into an art form. These pair well with denim wear, short jumpsuits, and skirts, whether long or short.   



5. High Top Sneakers

High-top sneakers are classic basketball shoes that have made the transition to the fashion world. From common women to supermodels, actresses and the Kardashian clan, all wear them with aplomb. These look great with ankle-cut jeans, capri pants, and short skirts. And the best part of wearing them is the freedom to choose socks of any height, whether low or high. 



6. Textile Blend Sneakers for Women

Textile blend sneakers as the name implies are created from a blend of materials. These materials include different types of textiles, fabrics, leather, and other accessories. Designers let go of their imaginations when designing them and we get to wear the results and fruits of their efforts.  



7. The Comfort Sneakers

Comfort sneakers are lightweight and breathable sneakers that are great for walking and going on long journeys. These feature highly flexible EVA soles that are light on the feet and provide excellent cushioning. 



8. Leather Sneakers for Women

Leather sneakers are classy new entrants to the sneaker world. These fabulous sneakers are durable and premium as they are made of top-quality leather. Another advantage of leather construction is that they also offer supreme comfort and cushioning on the inside. These are versatile footwear that you can wear with all types of outfits and clothes. 

Leather Sneakers For Women



9. Glam Sneakers

Glam sneakers are the perfect shoes for partying. These are covered in embellishments, sequins, and whatnot. Wear these with your glittery dresses and diamonds and enjoy the night away. 

10. Velcro Sneakers for Women

Velcro sneakers feature Velcro fastening for a better grip on your sneakers. The Velcro fastening also looks unique. Saint G designers gave it more character by creating them in vibrant colors and embellishing the straps with crystals. You will always look great, whether you wear them with jeans or smart casuals. 

11. Animal Print Sneakers

Animal print sneakers come in different prints that may include leopard, tiger, snake, and python prints among others. These are a classy fashion accessory that elevates your ensemble to a whole new level. And these are made of vegan leather, so rest assured that no endangered species were harmed making these shoes. 

Animal Print Women Sneakers

12. Retro Sneakers for Women

Retro sneakers are inspired by old trainer designs but come with a modern twist. These are multi-colored and embellished with a slant tapered shape. These certified casual sneakers add a stylish attitude to your closet and bestow on you an edgy and confident look.

13. Embellished Sneakers

Embellished sneakers feature eye-popping designs and accessories including crystals, metal studs, sequins, and even embroidery in some cases. Generation Xers and post-millennials particularly love these designs. These strictly casual sneakers are a form of self-expression that brings your inner artist to the fore. 

14. Sporty Sneakers for Women

Sport sneakers give off a sporty vibe and are the best combination of style and functionality. These are good for running and playing games as they provide supreme comfort, stability, and support to your feet. 

Sporty Sneakers Women

Final Thoughts

Your shoe closet is incomplete without a pair, or we can safely say, many pairs of sneakers. Sneakers for women are a style statement that you can flaunt on nearly all occasions and with all types of outfits. Browse our curated sneaker collection today and get the pair that fancies you.

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