How To Pack Shoes Without Ruining Them?

After waiting for days, weeks, or months, the vacation of our dreams is almost around the corner. When it comes to travelling, one thing that strikes everyone’s head is packing. Believe it or not, packing is one of the strenuous tasks that comes with travelling. All your clothing, toiletries, entertainment accessories, and of course, shoes will go into your bags. Undoubtedly, there are many people who struggle to keep their stuff in an organised way and end up damaging or ruining their items, especially shoes. If you’re someone who doesn’t know how to pack shoes while travelling, then this guide on shoes will help you know everything about shoes care. 

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Ultimate Tips for Packing Shoes without Damaging them

Imagine you arrive at the destination, open the bag, and suddenly you find that your favourite pair of shoes are ruined. However, this is not the real situation, but it can be if you don’t pack your shoes properly. Learn these tips to pack your shoes in the best way for travelling. 

Decide how many pairs of shoes you need

The very first tip you need to take into consideration is deciding how many pairs of shoes you will be taking on a trip. However, how many shoes you will take on your vacation depends on the type of trip you’re going to hit. Will you be spending all your time hiking, tracking, or lounging on the beach? In such cases, you will need hiking boots such as Saint Aster Black Leather Handcrafted Chelsea Boots for walking across the sand and dining at the beachside cafes. For such a trip, you can pack hiking boots after determining how many pairs of shoes you will bring with your trip. Once you know how many pairs of shoes you will carry on your trip, you will be able to decide on your packing strategy.

Determine the size of your suitcase

Since you will have clothes, toiletries, and other essential items along with shoes for packing, you have to check the size of your suitcase. Always remember shoes care should be your top priority. So knowing the size of the suitcase will give you an idea of how many shoes you can fit inside the suitcase before setting your heart on your vacation wardrobe. Further, to keep the weight of your suitcase down, wear your heaviest pair of shoes while travelling and then pack the lighter pairs of shoes. For instance, you can wear black leather lace-up high ankle boots to lower the suitcase weight.

Stuff your shoes/ boots

Another important tip in our guide on shoes blog that you need to follow is stuffing your shoes. If you’re not aware, let us tell you that the insides of your shoes are a useful place to pack all the socks you will need for your trip. Roll up one or two pairs and put each pair of shoes on. In fact, underwear, belts, swimsuits, and t-shirts make good shoe-stuffing options for you. Following this trick will not only save you space but will also help your shoes retain their space in the suitcase. But do not mash your pair down to fit more things; instead, re-evaluate your packing items. Make sure not to place too many heavy items on top of your shoes as it will cause damage to them. 

Start packing in layers

If you’re pondering over how to pack shoes without squishing or damaging them, then careful layering will be an excellent tip for you to follow. Basically, you need to take the shoes you’re planning to bring and finally place them on the bottom of the suitcase to avoid any damage. What you need to do is place each pair of shoes in the suitcase, the toe of each one pointing towards the heel of the other. It will maximise your space and prevent the shoes from moving while your suitcase is jostling in the back of the car, train, or in the belly of an aeroplane. In addition, lightweight and thinner shoes like black suede leather handcrafted Chelsea boots can be packed along the edge of the suitcase. Also, packing shoes in layers will save you time when running short of time.

Keep your clothes protected

Getting clothes dirty due to shoes is not hidden, but if you’re taking brand new shoes, you shouldn’t worry about it. However, you have to be a little concerned if you’re packing worn shoes, specially such as hiking boots; you will have to ensure that no dirt transfers onto your carefully planned vacation outfits. But before placing your shoes in the suitcase, you need to consider wrapping the shoes in a plastic bag or a drawstring bag to keep them from rubbing on any of your outfits. Follow this tip to keep your clothes protected from dirt and germs. 

If possible, look for the original box

Do you have shoe boxes? If you store all your shoes in boxes in a closet, then packing them up will be a simple task for you. Simply collect some padding and then put the shoes in a box. However, taking a shoe box along with you on travel may be a little difficult for you, but it can keep your shoes protected and damage-free. So, follow this tip, as it will help you take proper shoes care. 

Travelling is fun and exciting, but it can be taxing too, if your shoes get damaged. After all, shoes are what will help you walk through long roads, so keeping them safe and protected should be your priority. If you’re planning for a vacation and want to buy branded shoes to reflect your style and personality, look no further than Saint G. We’re an iconic shoe brand company offering timeless and elegant shoes to all our customers at the best prices. Our fashionably forward, luxurious, and exquisite leather shoes are a perfect fit for every person who wants to stay ahead of the trend. Why wait? Just discover the excellent Saint G shoes for you or your loved ones.

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