Guide To Stretch Leather Boots

Guide To Stretch Leather Boots


Leather boots look good and add style and charm to your outfit. But ill-fitting leather boots will make your wearing experience miserable. Try to purchase leather shoes that are a good fit. Do not wear uncomfortable boots as they will chaff your feet, cause blisters and in the long run, harm the feet. If you have purchased boots that are several sizes-small, then you should exchange them or shop for a better-fitting pair. But if you have got a nice pair of slightly tight leather boots, or a brand new pair that you are eager to use but is a little stiff, then this post is for you. 

In this post, we will discuss several ways to stretch leather shoes, so that they will fit comfortably on your feet and at the same time not lose shape. These methods are easy and can be done at home. 

1. Use Oil Conditioner or Leather Stretch Spray

You can use an oil conditioner or leather stretch spray for stretching your shoes. These are easily available online and also in leather and shoe stores having a physical presence.  

Before using the leather spray, read the instructions clearly as some sprays are meant to be applied over the shoe and some are applied inside the shoes. Spritz as instructed and wear the shoes after a minute so the leather stretches as per your feet. 

To use an oil conditioner, put a coin-sized amount on a dry and clean cloth and apply it to the outside of your leather shoes. Wipe the excess oil. Let the leather soak the conditioner and then use it.

You can also make your DIY spray to stretch leather boots. Mix rubbing alcohol and water in equal proportions and put the mixture in a spray bottle. Now spritz the mixture inside the leather boots. Let it soak and then wear the shoes to stretch them. 

2. By Gently Warming the Leather 

Since leather is a natural fibre therefore you can use heat to stretch it. First, identify which parts of the shoe are most stiff and causing you trouble. Use the blow dryer as a heat source. Use it to warm the shoe parts for about 30 seconds. Keep the blow dryers about 5 inches away to not cause damage to the leather. Now put them on. Repeat until you get the required fit. 

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3. By Freezing Them

This is a little unconventional method to stretch leather shoes but does the work. Use intact sandwich bags and fill them with water. Ensure that these bags are sealed and not leaking any water. Then put them inside the shoes and put the shoes in the freezer. Water expands when it freezes and therefore will slowly expand the leather from the inside. 

4. Wear Them at Short Intervals

This technique is for those leather shoes that may only feel a little bit uncomfortable. Do not wear these shoes for long intervals, like wearing them to work. Instead wear them for short intervals, for a quick walk, or inside the house until your feet get comfortable. It may probably take a week, but after that, you are good to go. 

5. Wear the Leather Shoes with Thick Socks

This is a continuation of the above point but with a slight difference. Wear thick socks, if possible two at once and wear the shoes over them. Don’t walk around much. Instead rest and be comfortable so your feet won’t hurt. It may probably take a week or two, but after that, the shoes will fit comfortably. 

6. Use Boot Stretchers

How do stretch shoes be wider as well as in length? Use a boot stretcher for this purpose. These are also known as boot expanders or stretchers and can be bought from any online or offline store. These instruments are specially designed to stretch footwear and are either made of hardwood or stainless steel. These come in different variations to stretch insoles, toes, calves or heels of the footwear. The 1-Way stretcher is used to stretch the width of your shoes, while the 2-way stretcher is used for width and length both. Shoe trees can also be considered a form of leather stretcher though their primary function is to maintain the form of the footwear. 

7. Fill the Shoes with Paper 

Yet another simple way to stretch leather boots is to fill them with discarded but clean papers or old newspapers. This process takes more time to finish but costs nothing and is effective. 


Comfortable shoes are essential for a great walking experience. Too tight and uncomfortable boots will not only cause pain but also long-term health issues. Good leather footwear expands over time as per the shape of your feet. But if you are in a hurry or feeling uncomfortable then use the above tips to stretch your leather boots of yours in no time. 


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