Sneakers for Men- How to Style: Guide 2022

Sneakers for Men- How to Style: Guide 2022

Sneakers are the ultimate casual shoes that have maintained their popularity for decades in one form or other. These come in simple and minimalistic designs to all frills and embellishments. Sneakers are stylish, comfortable, easy to wear and make an amazing style statement too. Classic sneakers for men have a clean silhouette that makes them versatile shoes that can be worn even with formal wear like suits along with chilled relaxed wear and all types of casual clothing. Depending upon the material used, these can be paired with all types of outfits from shorts to suits. While leather sneakers for men are preferred with formal outfits the canvas and suede sneakers work well with casual wear. Let's have a look at how to wear sneakers for men this season below.


Sneakers for Men- How to Wear this Season

Sneakers are classy, comfortable, and versatile footwear that work well with a variety of outfits. Here are some ways to pair them with different types of men's wear.

Sneakers for Men- With Relaxed wear

1. Wear your light blue ripped jeans with a printed crew neck t-shirt. Kick up the fashion factor by wearing the outfit with a pair of burgundy leather sneakers. 

2. Wear your charcoal jeans with a white V-neck t-shirt. Complement your getup with a pair of sleek minimalist
white sneakers for men

3. Pair your black distressed jeans with a tan tie-dye short sleeve shirt. Look more awesome by pairing the outfit with black handcrafted sneakers.  

4. Wear navy skinny jeans with a gray crew-neck tee. Introduce depth to this ensemble by wearing it with a pair of blue leather 
sneakers for men

5. A light blue patchwork jeans with a navy Henley tee helps you stand out. Dress up your look with a pair of green 
leather sneakers for men



Mens Leather Sneakers



Sneakers for Men- With Casual Wear

1. Wear your blue skinny jeans with a brown vertical striped long sleeve shirt. Make a fashion statement by wearing the outfit with a pair of blue leather sneakers for men

2. Look effortlessly cool by wearing charcoal chinos with a black and white short-sleeve shirt. Make the outfit more elegant by pairing it with 
black sneakers for men

3. Wear your navy jeans with a violet crew neck t-shirt to bring a certain zing to your outfit. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of burgundy premium leather sneakers for men . 

4. Wear black jeans with a navy and white check long sleeve shirt. Add a dose of style and a beautiful contrast to this outfit with a pair of white
leather sneakers for men

5. For a practical and casual look, wear your navy jeans with a white and red vertical striped long sleeve shirt. Make the outfit smarter by wearing it with a pair of classic blue sneakers for men. 



White Mens Sneakers



Sneakers for Men- With Smart Casuals

1. Combine comfort with efficiency by wearing navy vertical striped chinos with an olive dress shirt. Make the outfit more elegant by wearing a pair of classic red leather sneakers for men

2. Wear dark green chinos with a white shirt for a foolproof off-duty look. Refine your outfit more by adding a pair of olive green sneakers for men.  

3. Wear your dark blue chinos with a tobacco plaid long sleeve shirt. Dial-up this outfit with a pair of blue or black leather sneakers for men.  

4. Create a modern-looking ensemble by pairing dark brown vertical striped chinos with a blue chambray shirt. Ramp up this ensemble by wearing a pair of burgundy red leather 
sneakers for men

5. Look dapper by wearing classic khaki chinos with a navy plaid short-sleeve shirt. Shake things up with a pair of classic white
sneakers for men



Sneakers With Casuals



Sneakers for Men- With Dressy Outfits

1. For a sharp and masculine look, pair a charcoal suit with a dark purple shirt. Forget the tie and finish off the look with a pair of black handcrafted leather sneakers for men

2. For a refined yet relaxed look, pair your black dress pants with a white dress shirt and a navy and white polka dot tie. For maximum fashion points introduce a pair of black sneakers with white soles into the mix. 

3. Cement your style savviness by wearing your gray suit with a white and purple gingham dress shirt and a burgundy tie. Balance your outfit by pairing it with 
leather sneakers for men.

4. Wear a black suit with a red silk long sleeve shirt for a fresh and pulled-together look. Make the outfit come together nicely with a pair of blue leather sneakers for men. 

5. Be the center of attention by wearing a navy suit with a gray paisley long sleeve shirt and a dark blue silk tie. Make the outfit a bit edgy by throwing in a pair of blue
leather sneakers for men.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some of the ways to style sneakers for men this season. Sneakers are essential shoes for men as these are versatile and work with nearly all types of outfits. Though they had a reputation for casual shoes, these have firmly established themselves as a part of formal wear too. Countless celebrities, actors and fashion icons during their appearances on red carpet events around the world flaunting a pair of stylish sneakers attest to this fact. Other than that, these are highly stylish, functional, and comfortable too. Get your favorite pair of sneakers for men today by shopping from the highly acclaimed Saint G collection.

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