How to Wear Mid Calf Boots Like a Model

How to Wear Mid Calf Boots Like a Model


Mid-calf boots for women are versatile footwear that is taller than ankle boots and hugs the mid-calf of your legs. These are also known as midi and sock boots. These are flexible shoes that can be worn year-round. Mid-calf boots come in different styles and designs and are easy to incorporate into all kinds of outfits. Let's have a look into how to choose mid-calf boots that suit you and tips to style them. 

Tips to Pick the Right Mid-calf boots for Women

1. Good Fit

Pick the calf boots that fit comfortably on your calves. Too narrow is obviously uncomfortable and too wide calf boots will make your calves look even bigger. Pick the calf boots that fit your ankles and calves without being constricting. A simple way of figuring out the best fit is to put your finger between the back of the boot and the calf. If the finger fits easily without any gaps on either side, the calf boots will fit your fine. Boots with zipper and lace fastenings and elastic gussets also fit well. 

2. Heels 

Calf boots with heels make you appear taller and leaner. Opt for heels of your choice from block heels, wedge heels, stilettos, or kitten heels, whatever catches your fancy.

3. Color Tones and Shades

For your first pair of mid-calf boots for women, select from neutral colors like brown and black that pair well with different colored outfits. For your next pair get boots that are more expressive like animal prints, embellished, and in vibrant colors. These will stand out and add color and pizzas to your ensembles. 

Mid-Calf Boots for Women- Style Tips

Have a look at some of the ways to style your mid-calf boots with different outfits.

1. With Floral Skirts

Wear a flowing floral skirt with your suede mid-calf boots. For a casual and trendy look, team the outfit with a cotton blouse. For party wear, just substitute the blouse with a velvet top to look sophisticated.

2. Calf Bootswith Wrap Skirts

For chic and appropriate office wear, wear a mini-wrap skirt with a white dress shirt. Integrate the outfit brilliantly by pairing it with pointed-toe mid-calf boots.

3. With Maxi Skirts

Look stylish by wearing your maxi-skirts with a crop top. Add extra style points by pairing them with a gorgeous pair of wide calf boots. These boots compliment the long dresses well.

4. Calf Bootswith Mini Skirt

Wear a gray mini-skirt with a violet top. Inject a bit of polish into this outfit by pairing it with embroidered low-heeled mid-calf boots.

5. With Knee-length Skirts

Create a black and white dual monochrome look by wearing a black slit knee-length skirt with a white dress shirt. Give the outfit a modern and minimalistic look by pairing it with block-heel black leather calf boots.

6. With Shift Dresses

Mid-length shift dresses that end right or a little above the knee are flowy and playful. Look nice in a flash by wearing a white lace shift dress with brown suede pull-on calf boots.

7. Mid-calf Boots for Women with Fringe Dresses

Fringe dresses make for a chic and cool off-duty outfit. Wear an above-the-knee black fringe dress and pair it with form-fitting black leather calf boots that complement your dress as well as legs.

8. Calf Bootswith Boyfriend Jeans

Wear your distressed boyfriend jeans with pull-on calf boots. Either roll or cuff your jeans or tuck your jeans inside the boots to flaunt them. Wear a graphic printed tank top for summer and throw in a denim jacket for the fall season. For winters substitute with a turtleneck sweater and a quilted jacket.

9. With Skinny Jeans

Wear cropped navy blue high-waisted pair of skinny jeans with a white crew-neck t-shirt for summer. For falls substitute it with a dark green full sleeve t-shirt. For winters wear a crew-neck sweater of the same color on top. Wear the outfit with a pair of tan leather calf boots. Ensure that the hem of your jeans is just above the rub of the boots for a streamlined effect.

10. Mid-calf Boots for Womenwith Straight Cut Jeans

Straight-cut distressed jeans are made for calf boots. Wear them with an animal print t-shirt coupled with animal print fabric calf boots. Ensure that the hem of your jeans hits the top of your calf boots to lengthen the leg line.

11. Calf Boots with Cotton or Linen Shorts

Shorts with calf boots are the excuse you are looking for to flaunt your footwear and boots. Wear tan cotton shorts and pair them with a burgundy top. Level up your ensemble by wearing a pair of tan suede calf boots.

12. Mid-calf Boots for Womenwith Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are one of the favorite summer wear for women and deserve a dedicated space for a style tip. Wear blue ripped denim shorts with a beautiful white crochet cropped top. Add an extra dose of chic by pairing them with tan leather cowboy calf boots.

13. Calf Boots with Leggings

You cannot separate calf boots with leggings as they make you look leggy and svelte. Wear your black leggings with a white print crew-neck t-shirt. Kick up the glam factor by pairing them with black leather wide calf boots. For winter make your outfit edgier by adding on a leather bomber jacket.

14. Calf Boots with Tights

Wear a gray casual dress over your black or brown colored tights. Jazz up this getup by pairing your black tights with black and brown with brown embroidered cowboy calf boots. 

Final Thoughts

Mid-calf boots for women pair perfectly with both formal and casual clothes. Have a great time wearing calf boots with jeans, mini-skirts, long dresses, or whatever takes your fancy. Complete your shoe wardrobe by choosing premium quality elegant and trendy calf boots today from the Saint G collection.

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