Know Everything About Block Heels

Know Everything About Block Heels


Know Everything About Block Heels

Block heel sandals and other block heel shoes are some of the favourite footwear for women. These have emerged as women’s wardrobe essentials and for a good reason too! These stunning heels are functional and stylish at the same time. Block heels are comfortable as well as glamorous. The heels provide the much-desired elevation and a tall silhouette and a wider heel area translates into a comfortable wearing and walking experience. Block heels are classic and trendy at the same time. Wear chic block heels to step out in style and comfort and keep your fashion game up. Now that we have got your attention, let’s know more about this gorgeous footwear below. 

What is a Block Heel?

Block heels are solid and chunky heels of high length that have a broad and blockier base. Block heels have shapes varying from rectangular, square, and cylindrical. The thick width of the projected heel covers most of the ankle area of the shoe. This design provides better support and stability without compromising on style. Unlike other high heels, block heels distribute the bodyweight uniformly on the feet, which relieves the pressure on the ankle and heel. Their width can range from having a slender base to full-fledged wedges, thus providing a plethora of choices for you. Block heels are versatile footwear that elevates your style statement whether worn with casual, formal, or party wear. These look especially great with denim wear, long skirts, and formal pants.

What is a Block Heel Popular For? 

Block heels are versatile footwear for women. These are stable, supportive, comfortable, and incredibly stunning to look at. You can wear them with all types of outfits and ensembles. You can wear them indoors, outdoors, for dancing and flaunt them during parties and events that stretch for hours. Let’s look at some of the reasons for their popularity.

1. Versatile and Gorgeous 

Block heels are versatile footwear that you can wear with all types of outfits. Block heels come in timeless and classic as well as modern and trendy designs. This gorgeous footwear is made in all types of casual and glamorous styles. From elegant block heel sandals to sexy ankle straps, you can have them all. 

2. Easy to Walk In

Block heels due to their chunky design provide an even distribution of body weight on the feet resulting in greater support and balance. Block heels are easier to walk in than any other type of high heels with a slimmer profile. Wear block heels and you will never fall flat on your face or back again!

3. Comfortable Luxury

What is a block heel? We say it is a comfortable luxury! Among all the types of high heels, block heels are the most supportive and comfortable. They provide elevation and a taller and slimmer silhouette without putting a strain on your feet and ankles. Block heels provide optimal balance and support to you and prevent aching feet and muscle fatigue.

4. Abundance of Options

Block heels are available in a range of styles, heights, and shades. Their heel lengths vary from 2 inches to more than 6 inches. The styles and patterns range from sling-back and slip-on block heel sandals, boots, and espadrilles to ankle straps, pumps, mules, peep-toes, and many more. The shades range from single to multi-shade, glitters to neutrals and matt finish to glossy shades. You will be spoilt for choice with the options available in block heel footwear. 

What is a Block Heel Wearing Occasion?

You can style a pair of block heels for all types of occasions as they fit every woman's personality and expectations. Here are some of the ways you can rock a pair of block heels.

1. For Office Wear

A pair of mid-height block heels are ideal for office attire. Wear them with a well-fitted skirt or pantsuit to feel powerful at work. For casual workdays, pair your block heels with flared or boot-cut jeans and a blouse.

2. As Casual Day Wear

We recommend wearing low to medium-height block heel sandals for everyday wear. Pair them with comfortable and scuffed jeans and wear a crop top or a white-coloured shirt. You can also wear flowy trousers and summer skirts for a laid-back and relaxed look.

3. For Parties and Related Events

Block heels are great for dancing and letting your hair down as they provide a high degree of stability and support. No more risk of falling flat and hurting your tush and dignity, heh-heh! Pair your block heels with skinny jeans and a blouse for a dinner with friends, with a short dress for clubbing and with a skirt and crop top with your cute date. 

Popular Block Heel Styles

Here are some of the popular block heels styles trending this season.

1. Sling Back Block heels

Slingback block heels are ideal for parties and evening wear. They are the perfect replacement for stilettos, especially the pointed-toe ones. You appear taller and your legs look long and shapely. Get a pair of slingback block heels from Saint G India collection and become the centre of attraction at every party you attend.  

Do check out Saint Leonora and Saint Sierra’s range of slingback block heels from the Saint G India collection. 

2. Low-height Block Heels

If you are in the mood for a low-height pair of block heels, then choose the block heel sandals and mules having chunkier, squarer, and wider heels. These are excellent replacements for your flats. These look more elegant and also up your style quotient and are easy and comfortable to walk in. Do check out Saint Kate and Saint Eloisa’s range of woven leather block heel mules from the Saint G India collection.  



Saint Kate Black Woven Mid Heel Mules




3. Medium-height Block Heels 

If you want to appear taller and thinner but want support and stability at the same time then opt for medium-height block heels. The added height makes you look graceful and transforms your body language. Whether casual or formal, wearing medium-high block heels bring amazing class and elegance to your outfit. 

Do check out Saint Amor and Saint Venezia’s range of medium block heels from the Saint G India collection. 



Saint Venezia Woven Leather Block Heel Mules



4. Straps with Metal Embellishments

Strapped block heel sandals with metal embellishments are the latest trend and a popular choice in women’s footwear. The combination of straps and metal embellishments provides a fun and glamorous feel to these types of footwear. 

Do check out the Saint Angela range of metal studded heels from the Saint G India collection.

5. Block Heels with Structured Styles

Half and full-enclosed block heels elevate your look to another level. You can opt for different styles like fringes, woven texture, and laced uppers. They are great summer wear as the half-enclosed designs and laced uppers look trendy and provide proper ventilation to your feet. You enjoy the freedom of the summer season and are cool at the same time.   

Do check out Saint Bella and Saint Anna’s range of half and full-enclosed woven block heels from the Saint G India collection. 



Saint Anna Hand Woven Leather Block Heels



6. Block Heels with New and Unique Patterns

Go for some new and unique patterns that accentuate your look. Look for sequin embroidery and crystal-studded block heel sandals and footwear among other patterns. These add style to your outfits and make you look perky and fresh.  

Browse and view Saint Ruby and Saint Ornella’s range of embroidered and crystal-embellished range of block heels from the Saint G India website. 


What is a block heel? Block heels are practical, functional, and super stylish footwear for women. They provide optimal balance to you and your style statement, whether for work or play. Block heels update your look and are a breeze to walk in. There is a pair of block heels made just for you. Check out the Saint G India collection of block heels and get your coveted pair of block heels today.   

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