Reasons Why Women Wear Heels

Reasons Why Women Wear Heels

High Heels = Women's best friend! 

Women heels are highly admired worldwide. Besides being a little uncomfortable, women wear high heels. Have you ever wondered what makes heels more prevalent among women? Why women wear heels? There are several factors that contribute to why women wear heels. 

The first high heel shoes were worn in the 15th century in Venice. Some say they are a status symbol, while others claim that they keep the feet dry. From then to the 21st century, women have been wearing high heels for different reasons. 

Let's take a look at the real reasons why women wear heels!

Why Are Women Obsessed With Wearing High Heels?

With the constant evolution in the fashion industry, women heels are constant. What is the reason behind this? Here are a few reasons why women heels are trendy. 

1. It Enhances The Appearance 

A woman walking in heels is way different than walking in flats. It is observed through a study conducted by Psychologist Paul Morris and his colleagues that women's hips rotate and tilt more with heels. In other words, she struts! The study claims that women's walk changes and makes them look more attractive in heels than in other footwear. 

2. It Boosts Confidence

The fact that a woman looks attractive in heels boosts her confidence. Let’s say; Imagine going to work one day and you want to look bold and confident; what will you do? Wear makeup or focus on communication skills? Well, heels alone are enough! When a woman wears heels, she feels better and more confident. All you need to do is ━ Pait wedge office heels with trousers and a tuck-in shirt or formal top. This is enough to take a woman's confidence to another level.

3. It Elevates Look

In the modern world, heels are a fashion statement. They add style to any outfit. Whether you are wearing casual attire or an office outfit, it will highlight an overall appearance. There are various women heels available online, wedges, cones, stilettos, platforms, etc. Choose the one that best fits your personality and outfit to be fashionable and put confidence in yourself! 

4. It Makes Women More Feminine 

Women wondering how to be more feminine? Wear heels ━ the simplest answer! Heels are exclusive for women. When a woman walks in heels, they feel special and pleased. The moving hips of a woman (said above), whether a light move or subtle strut, reminds them they are a woman. 

5. It Helps To Be More Persuasive

The study found that 40% of men responded to women wearing flats, 60% to women wearing medium heels and 80% of men focused on women wearing high heels. This shows that people's perspective changes when a woman wears heels may be because of how their walk changes, and they look more attractive than any other footwear, as said above. 

Choose Your Favourite High Heel From Saint G!

Regardless of the season, women heels never go out of style! They match all sorts of dresses and add a dash of glamour. When you know why women wear heels, choose the perfect pair for you from a vast collection! Below are a few of them. 

A. Stiletto Heel Mules

Want to elevate your traditional look? Stiletto Heel Mules are the right choice! This designer heel can be paired with any colour and type of ethnic attire.? The mid-range heels of this footwear are comfortable to wear for a long time. You can walk and run in these women heels easily without tripping. What are you waiting for? Grab these heels now!  


Stiletto Heel Mules



B. Block Heel Mules

When you know why women wear heels, count on Block Heel Mules! Add a dash of style to your wardrobe with this soft mustard woven hand leather mid-block heel. These heels are stylish yet comfortable. The sole and upper of the heel are well-cushioned, making it more comfortable for a long way. Also, the material (leather) of this heel is breathable, which increases its longevity. Undoubtedly, this footwear will make you stylish and improve your overall appearance.


Block Heel Mules

C. Studded Block Heels

Add these golden block heels to your footwear collection. This Studded block heel can match all your outfit regardless of the colour. The metallic look of these heels will give you a luxurious feel whenever you step into the town wearing them. Plus, this heel makes you feel like a woman because of the look they offer you. So if you think about how to be more feminine, team your look with a studded block heel to feel like a woman. 


 Studded Block Heels


D. Leather Block Heel

Looking for office heels? Ocra woven leather block heels are sober and simple, perfect for office use. The upper of this heel is hand-crafted, the insole is padded, and the heels are blocked, making them comfortable to wear for a whole day. Also, the woven texture is perfect for summer use, as it is breathable. The pointed toe and the mustard colour make these women heels truly timeless. 


Leather Block Heel

E. Woven Leather Block Heel

Gold woven leather block heels will leave you wow! The unique colour, knitted patterns and block heels will perfectly team with any colour and outfit. Besides this, these heels  do not lack comfort. The elastic strap and full coverage from the upper will hold your feet perfectly. Also, the quality of the footwear is A-one. The Gold Woven Leather Block Heel will make you feel comfortable and look enchanting. 


Woven Leather Block Heel




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