Guide for Types of Heels for different Dresses

Types of Heels for different Dresses 


We women are selective when it comes to heels as they are an integral part of our fashion statement. Heels for women are the ultimate feminine footwear that showcases our style sensibilities and personality. If you like heels then this guide will make you love them. You will learn about different types of heels and how to rock them. You will get to know about all types of heel shapes, styles, lengths, and names, from sensible and stylish kitten heels to gorgeous stilettos. With the help of this guide, explore and evaluate what works best for you and be the centre of attention where ever you go. 

For ease of understanding, we have divided this guide into 2 parts. The first part deals with heel shapes and the second part is about heeled footwear styles. Without any further delay, let’s jump into the first part.


A. Different Types of Heels as Per Shapes

Before we start, here’s a bit of interesting trivia for you. Do you know that the global high heels market is expected to reach more than 42.7 billion US dollars by 2024? We knew that high heels were popular, but this just blows my mind! Now, let’s move on to the heel shapes.

      1. Block Heels 

          Block heels also known as chunky heels are the first on our list. Block heels have a thick block shape hence the name. They have a large surface area that evenly distributes the body weight on the feet. This factor makes block heels one of the stylish and more comfortable types of high heels to wear. These heels come in different shapes ranging from square, rectangular, and even cylindrical. 


          Style tip- Pair block heels with casual skirts and skinny jeans to let the heels shine through.  



          Saint Ariana Black Leather Heels



          2. Cuban Heels

            Cuban heels are a type of chunky heels with a curved back and straight front design that are slightly tapered from heel to toe. These are used in the construction of closed shoes like cowboy boots, loafers, dance hall shoes, brogues, pumps, and Oxford shoes. Cuban heels usually are opposite or darker in colour than the upper of the shoe to give them a distinct contrast.   

            Style tip- Cuban heels look especially good with casual maxi and flowing skirts, denim wear, and sheath dresses. 


              3. Kitten Heels

                Kitten heels have a short and narrow shape. These types of heels are between 1-3 inches in length. Kitten heels are the perfect coming together of style and practicality as they are placed exactly in the middle between flats and high heels. These are “on-the-go” and versatile heels that pair well with both casual and formal attire. Kitten heels are easy to walk in and used in a range of women’s footwear including mules, pumps, booties, and sandals. 

                Style tip- Kitten heels are versatile wear. Pair your elegant kitten heels with well-fitted jeans and tees, midi, and one-piece dresses for office attire including pantsuits.  



                Kitten Heels



                  4. Stiletto Heels

                    Stilettos are thin and pointy high heels that are the preferred heels of fashionistas all over the world. These are classy heels that make you appear taller and thinner. Due to their thin and pointy shape, these types of high heels have a steel or hard alloy core for durability. Pin heels is another name for thin and metallic stiletto heels. 

                    Style tip – Stiletto heels are sophisticated and versatile footwear that elevates the look of any ensemble. Get a pair of black or nude stilettos and wear them with formal dresses, party attire, leggings, and denim wear. 



                    Stiletto Heels



                      5. Scarpin Heels

                        Scarpin heels are sleek and sexy and even thinner than stilettoes. Uppers of Scarpin heels usually have a closed pointed toes construction. These are classy heels that look great with any ensemble. Scarpin heels give you a unique kind of sophisticated yet edgy look. 

                        Style tip- Get a pair of Scarpin heels in a bright colour and flaunt these fancy heels with skinny jeans and short skirts. 



                          6. Cone Heels

                            Cone heels as the name implies are shaped like ice cream cones. The broader part of the heel is connected to the base of the footwear from which it tapers down to the thinner tip at the bottom. These types of heels are used in a variety of shoe styles and come in all lengths from short to high. 

                            Style tip- Cone heels look great with maxi skirts and dresses with flowing hemlines like A-line silhouettes. 

                              7. Flare Heels

                                Flared heels are the opposite of cone heels but with a softer silhouette like that of bell-bottom pants. They start narrower at the base of the shoe and flare or widen out towards the bottom. Flared heels came into fashion in the seventies and right now are popularly used in ankle boots. 

                                Style tip- Flare heels look good with all types of clothing. Wear these with your favourite pair of jeans and skirts for a girl next door look.  And pair them with formal and office wear for a competent and professional vibe. 

                                  8. Wedge heels

                                    Wedge heels are those types of high heels that are immensely comfortable to wear and walk. These give you a height advantage while evenly distributing the body weight on the feet. This is possible as the heel and the sole are not detached but joined like a wedge. Wedge heels are made from a variety of materials ranging from cork to leather. Wedge heels are generally used in the construction of booties, sandals, peep-toes, and espadrilles shoes. 

                                    Style tip- Wedge heels have an informal style and work well with all types of casual clothing, especially maxi skirts. 



                                    Wedge Heels



                                      9. Comma Heels

                                        Comma heels as the name implies are shaped like a comma that is used to punctuate sentences. The “comma” can face both directions, front or back from the base of the footwear. Comma heels are not very high but considered bold and edgy due to their unique shape.  

                                        Style tip- Comma heels are versatile heels that are fashion runaway favourites. These pair amazingly well with formal and party dresses. 

                                          10. Spool Heels

                                            Spool heels are shaped like an hourglass or a spool of thread. They are wider at the top and bottom with a tapered middle. These are also known as Pompadour Heels, Antoinette Heels, Louis Heels, and waisted heels. French heels are a shorter version of spool heels. Among the different types of heels available, these are easy to walk in as they create an optimal balance without compromising on fashion aesthetics. 

                                            Style tip- Spool heels look great with vintage-style dresses, thin pencil skirts, and boot-cut jeans. 

                                              11. Stacked Heels

                                                Stacked heels are more about the material and construction than the heel shape. These are generally high and wide heels made of thin stacked materials of varied textures laid horizontally one over the other like stacks. The materials can be rubber, wood, PU leather, and plastic among others. Their high and wide shapes make them a preferred choice of footwear for uneven surfaces. Stacked heels are used in the construction of ankle boots, cowboy boots, loafers, and other high-heeled shoes. 

                                                Style tip- Wear stacked heels with all types of denim wear including flared and boyfriend jeans. 

                                                  12. Fantasy Heels

                                                    Fantasy heels have some of the most imaginative and creative designs that may either feel appealing or downright quirky to you. These are also called decorative heels and are mostly seen on couture runways or flaunted by ultra-chic fashionistas or inspired artists like Lady Gaga. Fantasy heels have ornate designs and imaginative silhouettes like flowers, angels, or wild animals.  

                                                    Style Tip –Wear fantasy heels with sundresses and denim wear to keep your overall look simple. Make the fantasy heels the high point of your ensemble. 

                                                    Footwear with Different Types of Heels

                                                    Now we move on to the section featuring different types of popular heeled footwear. 

                                                    1. Pumps

                                                    Pumps are classic heeled shoes with a low-cut front. These are also known as court shoes. Pumps come in a variety of toe and heel shapes and lengths over 1 inch and up to 4 inches. 

                                                    Style tip- High heel pumps, go with almost every kind of outfit whether office attire or party wear. Acquire a pair of pumps with buckles and bows and bold patterns and experiment with both casual and formal wear. 



                                                    Pump Heels



                                                    2. Mary Jane Heels

                                                    These types of heels have a similar construction to pumps, but with a fastening in the middle of the footwear, which is usually a strap or a buckle. 

                                                    Style tip- Wear your Mary Jane heels with capris, slacks, and tunic tops and with all types of shirt dresses. 


                                                    3. Ankle Strap Heels

                                                    Ankle strap heels are alluring and ultra-feminine footwear that has one or more straps for fastening that wrap around the ankle. These straps may be tied around or feature a clasp, buckle, or tie construction. The heels range from moderate to high and secure the shoe to the feet. 

                                                    Style tip- Flaunt your ankle strap heels with calf-showing silhouettes like short skirts and cropped jeans. These are versatile footwear that works equally well as day wear and for after-hours events.





                                                    4. Platform and Flatform Heels

                                                    Platform heels have a thick and chunky platform at the front portion of the outsole. Platforms due to their design reduce the incline of the shoe and ease the pressure on the ball of the foot. These are types of high heels that are extremely supportive and comfortable to wear. 

                                                    Flatform heels are platform heels without an incline. The foot remains comfortable as instead of an incline the platform extends flat along with the full outsole at an even height like a pedestal.  

                                                    Style tip- Platform heels look good with body-con and well-fitted dresses. Platform heels in basic colour work well with usually all types of outfits. But if you experiment with your clothes and try different patterns and colours then it’s better to get platform heels in stripes and flora. 

                                                    5. Espadrille Shoes

                                                    Espadrille shoes are the ultimate summer shoes that are comfortable and stylish. These shoes have a thick wedge heel generally made of natural materials like cork and the upper made of leather and various types of fabrics. 

                                                    Style Tip – Espadrille shoes are casual footwear that works well with summery dresses like short and mid-length skirts. 

                                                    6. Sling Back Heels

                                                    Slingback heels have an ankle strap construction that does not fully encircle the ankle. Thin straps are located right above the heel and wrap around the back and sides of the ankle for a secure fit. The bridge of the foot is bare and gives it a straightforward and elongated look. These types of heels are classic and sophisticated footwear for women. 

                                                    Style tip- Slingback heels are convenient and versatile footwear that looks equally good whether you are wearing professional office wear or luxurious loungewear. Slingbacks in neutral colours and close-toe construction fit perfectly with your office wear. Wear bright-coloured slingbacks with short dresses and skirts that show off your ankles for parties and night outs. 


                                                    7. Cut Out Heels

                                                    Cutout heels are footwear that comes in a variety of shapes and styles but as the name implies have a cut-out upper construction. These incredibly stylish shoes are very popular and make you look gorgeous and confident.  

                                                    Style Tip – Cut-out heels are versatile footwear that works well with both casual and formal attire. Wear dark skinny jeans with a bold patterned shirt to create your very own style statement.


                                                    8. Peep-Toes

                                                    Peep-toes are footwear that as the name suggests are cut out at the toe to provide them with a little exposure and breathing room. A peep toe can come in all types of styles and shapes. A peep-toe can be a pump, mule, or any shape having different types of heels whether thin or block heels. The only requirement for a peep toe is that it should be cut out at the toe.  

                                                    Style tip- Peep-toes are popular and versatile footwear that have a timeless and elegant look. They look especially good with figure-hugging dresses, short skirts, and ankle-length trousers. But make sure that your toes and nails are painted before donning them. 

                                                    9. Mules

                                                    Mules are well-defined slip-on shoes that take the shape of your feet. They are open at the back and come with all types of heel heights and upper materials. These are usually closed-toe shoes with varying silhouettes ranging from straps to sometimes even peep-toes. Mules are neat and stylish footwear that is an essential summer addition to your wardrobe.

                                                    Style tip- Mules are versatile footwear that looks perfect for nearly every occasion. They look great with midi skirts, jeans, and summer dresses. 






                                                    10. Corset Heels

                                                    Corset heels have a laced-up design similar to a corset. Usually, the laced-up detailing is at the front but some styles also feature the detailing at the back of the heels and sides too. These are closed and tight fancy footwear that generally come in styles like booties and sandals. 

                                                    Style tip- Corset heels are the types of heels that show off your bold and sensual side. Wear this footwear with outfits that show off their sexy lace-up design. Some examples include body-con dresses, short skirts, fitted trousers & jeans, and little black dresses. 


                                                    11. Ankle Booties

                                                    Ankle booties are heeled boots of varying heights that end just at the ankles. They come in all types of shapes, shades, and colours. These are generally considered to be fall shoes but can be worn all year round. This gorgeous footwear makes you look effortlessly stylish and sets you apart.

                                                    Style tip- Wear your black ankle booties with all types of denim wear especially ankle-length skinny and flared jeans. In winter, pair them with fleeced leggings as well. For summers, wear mini and midi skirts with camel or tawny-coloured pair of ankle boots. 

                                                    12. Oxford Heels

                                                    Oxford heels are the type of high heels that have a closed and laced-up upper construction like Oxfords with heels that give them elevation and a feminine look. Oxford heels are smart and trendy shoes that add charm to your ensemble. 

                                                    Style Tip – Oxford heels are versatile footwear that works with both casual and formal wear. You can wear them with dark monochrome outfits with accent jewellery. For a casual occasion, wear your Oxford heels with trousers and pants that are less defined at the hemline. For denim-wear choose relaxed boyfriend jeans.   

                                                    Final Takeaway 

                                                    There are different types of heels for different occasions and different preferences. Women’s footwear is a broad and varied field and exploring it always gives me a sense of amazement and joy. Hope the above guide has brought you the same sense of excitement and helped you become better acquainted with the world of heels. If you liked this article, then explore the wide range of heels and women’s footwear from the Saint G India collection. Acquire and flaunt different heels every day and be the centre of attention wherever you go.

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