Top Trends In Women's Leather Shoes For 2023

Women's leather shoes are a big fashion trend that is almost timeless, and different footwear styles have entered the market. Some trending women's leather shoe styles are from cowboy boots and kitten heels to straight-leg boots. If you need clarification about what type of women's leather shoes you should buy this year, we have the perfect guide for you. 

We will tell you some top trending women's leather shoes in 2023 that will instantly make your outfit lit.

Must Try Women's Leather Footwear Trends In 2023

Every trend comes and goes, like sand slipping your hands; however, some make a tremendous impact on fashion society in general. Similarly, women's leather shoes are a fashion accessory that has always remained in trend, but their styles have rapidly changed. These are some interesting trends in women's leather shoes you would like to invest in.

1. Black & White Cowboy Boots

If you have been a Hannah Montana girl in your early years, these women's leather shoes are the perfect pair for you. This fashionable footwear has been in trend back in the day, and now it has returned with a bang. The black and white cowboy boots feature a funky black-and-white print or pattern that gives an exciting edge to your outfit. Pair these women's leather shoes with classic blue denim, a white shirt, and flannel to achieve the most desired and loved cowgirl look.

2. Kitten Heels

Next in our line for in-trend women's leather shoes is kitten heels. White kitten heels are the right option to add a funky and stylish touch to your outfit. As the name suggests, these are boots or heels that have a thin heel that will give you a gain of a few inches and a lot of confidence. These women's leather shoes, like Saint Chloé Snake Print Leather Kitten Heel Ankle Boots, have become high in demand due to their ease of styling. Just pair them with a basic nude or pastel dress, and you are all set to go.

3. Straight Leg Boots

You must have seen someone slaying straight-leg boots in recent days. These pairs of women's leather shoes have been trending for a couple of years and seem to stay like that for years ahead.

Footwear like Saint Adella White Croco Embossed Vegan Leather Long Boots is the best way to step out of your home in style and comfort. Straight-leg boots are the easiest to style and instantly give you a chic and stylish look. Just pair them with basic black or blue jeans and drape a trench coat to add the needed style and warmth to your outfit.

4. Statement (Ornate) Heels/Boots

Who wants expensive jewellery pieces when you can get ornate heels? This concept might be confusing to you; if you have no idea what ornate heels are, they are like any other pair of heels but with a bedazzled tail. These are one of the women's leather shoes categories that are very popular among high-class ladies; they like to wear and showcase their wealth with these ornate heels. If you are also curious about this style, then it's a sign that you should consider them once. 

5. Square Toe Heels/Boots

Now, the women's leather shoes that became every girl and lady's go-to - the square-toe heels and boots. This concept was introduced hardly half a decade ago, but as stylish as it makes a female feel, these footwear types immediately became among the most loved styles. Unlike classic footwear that has a pointed or rounded toe, this footwear Saint Elena Multicolor Handcrafted Leather Strappy Block Heels like they have a square shape from the toe side. These square women's leather shoes come in various options, and you'll absolutely love them.

6. Kitten Heel Mules

What is the first thing you can think of when you hear kitten heel mules? Do they look like kittens? Well, not exactly, but the structure and design of these women's leather shoes are inspired by the face of a kitten, with a tiny pointed-toe part. Their unique design made them very famous, and in-trend and every female tried to get their hands on them. If you have yet to try a pair of kitten women's leather shoes like Saint Imogen Blue Snake Print Leather Buckle Kitten Heels, you should definitely get them once.

7. Platform Sandals

Platform sandals are returning back to the list of trending women's leather shoes. This is a style that everyone did not take positively, and we can assure you that not everyone can rock platform heels like Saint Claire Tan Woven Platform Sandal. However, if you think these women's shoes will perfectly go with your style, there are a variety of colour options for you. You will get from basic black and white to vibrant lime colour platform heels, so choose the preferable option and seize the world.

8. Combat Boots

This is a new trend in women's leather shoes that can be seen this year. Combat boots are inspired by Asian outfits, where they go for heavy platform footwear. Women now love combat boots like Saint Stella Black Leather Lace Up High Ankle Boots around the world. You can invest in classic black colour and team it up with cargo pants, a loose t-shirt, a jacket, and a hat to complete the look. This is the trend you should pick if streetwear is your style.

There are also other in-trend women's leather shoes like Chunky White Sneakers. You can get a variety of shoe categories and styles for both men and women from Saint G. We are an iconic shoe and accessory brand that has created a fanbase with its timeless and quality pieces. Saint G believes in serving the customer in style and comfort and thus brings you products made of supreme materials. Ours is the only motto- to serve in style, and we do just that with our researched and innovative product designs.

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