16 Different Types Of Heels To Rock Any Look

16 Different Types Of Heels To Rock Any Look 


A decidedly feminine footwear staple forever synonymous with high style and glamour is women's heels. As such, the racks of a woman's closet can be packed with different types of heels. Surely, a high-heel woman is confident and savvy. Most definitely, she finds every aspect of her look down to her stilettos, mules, or sling backs' proper height. Similarly, when it comes to the most fitting heel silhouette for her ensemble rotation, she is a specialist, recognising full well that particular sets involve open-toe heels and platform heights, while others are better for a kitten heel, closed-toe pattern, or classic pump. There are several different types of heels for various kinds of occasions: high, mid, or low. The criteria for heels range from casual to dressy, sexy to chunky, strappy to fuss-free. Make sure not only that you always have the right type of heels to match your dress, but also to give you some much-needed confidence boost. The trick to nailing a chic overall look is finding the correct footwear.

Mid-height heels and comfort-first styles are both relevant types for lovers of heels. In a trendy block heel, supportive wedge, or multi-strap mule heel, much can be done. The pinnacle in glamour is for fanciful moments such as galas, weddings, dinner parties, art shows, sky-high stilettos, an ankle-strap heel, or an elegant pair of platforms. The nonchalance of embellished low heels can be achingly chic with sophisticated attire for more demure sensibilities, particularly if stiletto shoes are not for you. If your lifestyle rarely calls for heels or you're the type who wears no less than three inches a day, explore the sixteen different types of heels for women that every trendy woman needs in advance. Consider this your ultimate guide, from shoes for daily moments to styles designed for exquisite activities and lavish vacations. Here are 16 types of heels names:

1. Stilettos

The stiletto heel is sky-high in height, not for the faint of heart, with leg-lengthening properties that give it a highly desired form. It is most loved among all the types of heels in India. If you are choosing a celestial Saint Audrey stiletto or Saint Bella stilettos, there is one thing for sure: stilettos make a significant statement.






2. Kitten Heel

Though the kitten heel was once considered unsightly and the antithesis of fashion, it's now become a bonafide must-have. For everything from jeans and t-shirts to midi dresses and power suits, the right types of heels that are sufficiently walkable for city-style and that on-the-go, kitten heels feel so feminine and comfortable with Saint Marisa Black Kitten Heels.



kitten heels



3. Wedges

Particularly sought-after for support, the wedge heel can be incredibly stand-out as many predecessors and sold from croc-embossed leather to wood in myriad fabrics. For a "wow" wedge moment, think in favour of ultra-modern designs such as ultra-modern designs exclusive to the market that you look for in warm weather with Saint Perla Beige Wedges, Saint Lyon Wedges and Ruffle Jute Platform Wedges. They are the most comfortable types of heels and sandals.






4. Pumps

When creating a trendy set of shoes, beginning with the classics like Saint Marylyn Pumps, the humble pump is one to invest in early. From there, continue to expand your collection of pump heels every season with complex versions like Monica Black Leather Pumps, Saint Mellisa Black Leather Pumps or Saint Melissa Blue Leather Pumps. Add an extra classy look to your collection with Grey Python Textured Leather Pumps which are the best types of heels for you.






5. Platform

Platform heel can feel daunting, but in reality, it's one of the most relaxed and supportive heel types of heels out there. While it may not be your daily preference for a shoe, when paired with glamorous gowns and long jeans for a dramatic effect, it is beauty. Add Saint Burano Platforms, and Saint Bibiana Multi Woven Leather Heels for a quirky-chic fashion statement this season. Simply apply the printed, sheer, and ruffled designs to a trendy pair of socks.



platform heels



6. Ankle Strap

Alluring as it has always been, ankle-strap heels are decidedly feminine and especially trendy with cropped jeans and calf-grazing silhouettes. An ankle-strap style is a must-have sort of heels for daywear and after-hour looks alike Saint Alicia Gold Leather Heel and Saint Alicia Silver Leather Heel are the most loved types of heels in India.



ankle strap heels



7. Block heels

When you think the flats are too simple and the high heels are too formal, these versatile, puffy-heeled sandals are the middle ground solution to your style dilemma. Block heels are another favourite type of heels in India when it comes to comfort, and designers are offering ultra-fresh models this season. Saint Amor's Red Leather Block Heel, Saint Amor's Tan Leather Block Heel is a new classic. Saint Sierra Blue Leather Block Heel in gleaming gold is at once basic and elegant, while Saint Angela Black Leather Gun Metal Studded Block Heel is made for a holiday, showcasing a special embellished block heel similar to the artwork. The Saint Angela Black Leather Metal Round is ideal for a sleek city style. In other words, with any look and occasion, there are divine block types of heels for you.



block heels



8. Slingbacks

Slingbacks are the types of heel sandals that are both sophisticated and timeless. If you're styling yours with polished office clothes and romantic silhouettes or taking a more unexpected approach by combining them with luxurious loungewear or practical separates, a slingback makes your look feel refined in a moment, choose Saint Cera Brown Leather Heel, Saint Elyse Black Leather Heels.






9. Flare's Heel

Like flared jeans, these types of heels became popular during our favourite flower power era, the '70s. Flare heels are distinguished by a slimmer foundation that steadily widens to the rim. Go for Saint Alicia Gold Leather Heel, Saint Alicia silver Leather Heel for a shimmery chic look.



Flare's Heel



10. Medium Heels

Medium heels have the ideal workplace and height of everyday types of heels in India. They are between three and four inches tall, making them perfect work shoes since they boost your balance without adding too much pressure on the balls of your feet like Saint Bibiana Black Woven Block Fringed Heels and Saint Amor Red Leather Block Heel.



Medium Heels



11. Slim Heels

Slim heels are the types of heels which are a sensual pick for a night out in town or a dressy occasion. The thin, tall heel adds a special length to your legs and some spring to your leg.



slim heels



12. Spool heel

These decorated different types of heels originate from Europe during the Baroque and Rococo eras and are very similar to Pump Heels. Its shape is like the spool of an old spinning wheel, which is where this heel has its name.





13. Lace-up

Lace-up heels typically derive from two distinct points of inspiration: the traditional ballerina shoe or the Roman gladiator sandal. While the former has more of a sophisticated, feminine vibe, the latter reinforces powerful and sexy sound types of heels names.


14. Mule Heels

With open backs, mules are a warm-weather must-have in your closet and vary from low-to-ground shoes to mid-to sky-high varieties. Best still, there are a myriad of silhouettes to pick from, including closed-toe styles, strappy silhouettes, and exaggerated shapes like Peach crochet heeled mules, and Saint Ruby embroider mules and grab a stylish and comfortable footwear experience.



Mule Heels



15. Cuba heels

The dense heel of Cuba is the chunkier version of the Cuban heel. Like Saint Augustus for an office look, Saint Amor Red Leather Block Heel for a day out with friends wearing jeans is perfect for the mood and comfort you need. They are widely used types of heels for high boots, ankle boots and other durable styles of shoes.



Cuba heels



16. Cut-Out Heels

Cut-out heels feature artistic designs along with the shoe that transforms the foot into a trendy work of art. Go for Saint Bella Stilettos to attain a look no one else has. When it comes to heels, the shopping aisles are bigger than one would imagine. If you're hunting for extravagant stilettos, trendy pumps or trendy boots, you can be confident that the word of fashion is going to get you protected. When finding the next pair of flats, these were the 16 different types of heels names that you should certainly hear about. You can shop our heels on our website as well as on platforms like Myntra, Amazon & Flipkart.



Cut-Out Heels



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