What Type Of Shoes To Wear In Winter Besides Boots?

What Type Of Shoes To Wear In Winter Besides Boots?


It's winter time! Your clothing closet may be all set, but is your shoes closet ready? With your outfit, keep your winter shoes collection updated because without the right pair of winter shoes, your look would be incomplete.   

Dressing in winter might be easy, but choosing the right accessories for your outfit can be a fashionable challenge. Among all, winter footwear is essential to your dressing, and you can not make a mistake while styling them with your winter outfits. 

Your feet also need to get enough attention during the winter season as they can make or ruin your overall appearance. While choosing stylish winter shoes, you cannot keep comfort and warmth aside. 

Considering the winter season needs and customers trending demands, we have compiled a list of the best winter footwear ideas apart from the boots. Here are they… 

Types of shoes you can wear in the winter season

Winter dresses look even more stunning when paired with the right shoes. Flats or heels, formal or casual, there are several types of winter footwear to choose from. Here are a few winter shoes you need to update your closet. 

Women Collection

1. Leopard Print Leather Sneakers

You do not have to compromise with fashion in the winter season. Leopard Print Leather Sneakers are the most stylish pick on the list. The multi-colour of these shoes can be paired with any colour outfit. Besides being the most elegant pair of winter footwear, they are comfortable and warm. 


Leopard Print Leather Sneakers



2. Black Leather Shoes

Lace-up the Black Leather Shoes and highlight your fashion sense. Crafted with premium leather and combined with padded footbed for extra comfort, these shoes are the most comfortable winter footwear. The leather is breathable, and the designing of the shoes fit perfectly to your feet, from toes to ankle. This pair is the best among other winter footwear ideas among all.



Black Leather Shoes


3. Leather Handcrafted Loafers 

Looking for something sober yet stylish? Leather Handcrafted Loafers are the ideal choice. This pair of footwear is handcrafted with fine material and is perfect to wear with any dress. Whether you need it for the office or a special occasion, this winter footwear will make you stand out from the crowd. 

Men Collection 

1. Single Monk Strap Brogues

Single Monk Strap Brogues is among the perfect winter footwear ideas. Those looking for style and comfort together should count on these footwear to enhance their look. Made of pure leather and decorated with buckles, these winter shoes are comfortable, warm, and dashing. The rich burgundy colour makes them suitable for every outfit.   


Single Monk Strap Brogues


2. Black Leather Moccasins

Wear these Black Leather Moccasins and make the best impression at work. These shoes will perfectly suit your formal outfit. The shiny texture and saddle strap at the top gives them a luxury look. Moreover, red lining and padded leather insoles, making them comfortable and warm. 


Black Leather Moccasins

3. Leather Oxford Shoes

Leather Oxford Shoes are the much-needed winter footwear in your closet. The rich red colour of these shoes makes them more elegant and the top choice of most men. This footwear is handcrafted and features leather lining & insole for extra finish & comfort. In the winter season, this footwear could be your right partner in the long run. 


Leather Oxford Shoes



Winter shoes shopping requires the perfect guide. We compiled a list of a few tips to help you choose the right winter footwear for you.

Tips To Buy Shoes In Winters Besides Boots

Like anything, shoes shopping also needs the best guide. Follow our prepared checklist to help you choose the proper winter footwear. 

a. Provides warmth and comfort for long hours

Shoes are something that is worn for more than 8 hours, thus the need for warm & comfortable winter shoes increases. If you experience extreme temperatures in your area, choose shoes that are cushioned from the inside and cover your feet thoroughly. Such shoes provide enough warmth in low temperatures and make you comfortable for a long time.

b. It should have a firm grip

When it comes to winter shoes, you must look for stability. Choose the material that should hold your feet tightly and stay your feet firm on the snow and other slippery surfaces. It would not only keep you safe, but also provide you comfortable walking. 


c. They must be breathable 

Your body needs enough air to breathe in winters also. Prolonged use of shoes may increase the risk of infection. So, choose the breathable fabric or winter-friendly shoes from Saint G to provide you with enough air. This is the important factor of comfort and safety of your feet. 

d. The dew and snow should not affect the feet

Winter shoes should be waterproof. The dew and snow may wet your shoes and so your feet later, which can cause discomfort and health problems. Getting shoes with elements like gusseted tongues, gaiters and cuffs may protect your feet from moisture and issues caused due to it. 

e. They must have good ankle support

The motive of winter shoes is to protect your feet from cold and other damage. Ankle support shoes with decent padding prevent your feet from the extreme cold and injury that can cause due to prolonged shoes wearing.   

f. They should be lightweight

Yes, when it comes to winter footwear, weight matters! You already have so much to carry in winter; a long coat, mufflers, and other woolens, you shouldn’t have to bear another weight. Your shoes must be lightweight so that you do not feel you are wearing them. Make sure it does have an extra layer of warm lining and good padding to provide warmth. 

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