Why Leather Shoes Never Go Out OF Fashion

Why Leather Shoes Never Go Out OF Fashion


Did you know only royalties used leather shoes and other leather products in the past? However, with modern technology and various manufacturing modules, leather shoes have become a statement piece in every man and woman's winter wardrobe. If you are confused about buying or not buying leather shoes, we are here to help. Today, you will learn some practical leather shoes tips to stand firm on your leather shoes argument.

In this leather shoes fashion guide, you will learn why they never go out of fashion and are a must in everybody's wardrobe. 

So hop on!

Leather Shoes: Astound The Fashion At Your Feet!

There is a lot of misconception that surrounds leather shoes; "leather shoes are too expensive", "leather shoes are uncomfortable", "leather shoes require a lot of maintenance", and so on. This leather shoes guide will help you burst all your myth bubbles. Let's uncover them one by one.

1. Leather Shoes Are Breathable & Comfortable

First things first; leather shoes are found to be the most comfortable and stylish fashion footwear. Compared with synthetic materials, since they are made of natural material, they have an in-built elasticity that fits your feet like velvet. Additionally, leather shoes are very breathable and don't let your feet get sweaty. Since the air continues to pass through the natural material of these shoes, you'll feel airy and comfortable throughout the day, unlike synthetic shoes that start sticking to your feet.

2. No.1 Durability And Are Strong

We are delighted to tell you in this leather shoes guide that they pass the ‘durability and strength test’ with flying colours. By testing out multiple leather-made shoes for durability, it is found that they dramatically surpass the lifespan of regular synthetic shoes. If you are even a tiny bit sceptical about the strength part of the leather shoes because they are made of natural material, rest assured as they will stay in your wardrobe for quite a longtime. 

3. Spice Up Your Outfit

Jumping to the style and appearance area of leather footwear, it's not required for us to tell you how classy this footwear looks in our leather shoes fashion guide. These shoes need some simple things from you, like keeping away from water, and in return, leather shoes give your outfit an alleviated look. You don't have to think about how to style them, some basic blue jeans, a white shirt and a pair of leather shoes are enough to make you feel like a boss. 

4. Leather Shoes Are Eco-Friendly 

Are leather shoes eco-friendly? We think this issue needs some special attention; as you know, leather footwear is made of genuine leather, thus becomes sustainable footwear. Unlike synthetic footwear, leather-made shoes don't pollute the environment because they are biodegradable and hence are a great way to opt for style and nature-friendly shoes in one go. However, if you are concerned about animals, there are many plant-based leather shoes available in the market for you. 

5. Simple & Timeless Beauty

If leather shoes are known for anything, it's how subtle, iconic and timeless they are. Rewind the ancient clips and videos and go through the history; you will find multiple events where leather shoes are being worn. Even in recent times, these leather-made shoes are one of the most preferred and loved footwear items. The thing is, leather shoes always stay on trend, regardless of the time of the year, so buy high-quality leather shoes and get ready to charm the eyes with these shoes.

6. Your Best Investment

We need not say that leather shoes will be your best investment. The average life of a pair of leather shoes is found to be two years (if subjugated to daily use), whereas a pair of high-quality leather-made shoes last around 5-7 years if taken care of properly. Since they come with such durability, have a long life span and don't go out of trend, you can freely invest in them. Remember these leather shoes tips, next time you buy leather shoes.

Some Timeless Leather Shoes Options By Saint G

How can our leather shoes fashion guide be completed without giving you some suitable options to choose from? We know that selecting and buying become a tedious task when you are showered with multiple options online, so we at Saint G bring you the most loved leather pieces that you must consider:

A. Saint Vincenzo Tan Leather Square Toe Lace Up Décor Shoes

A pair of handcrafted shoes with tan leather is the perfect way to stay in style and comfort. They come with a hand-finished Italian leather sole that gives a comfortable fit. So, wait no more; trust this leather shoes guide and buy this pair of leather shoes now. 


Men leather shoes

B. Saint Beyonce Embellished Ivory Leather Shoes

It would be best if you had a premium-made leather shoe for a luxurious look, and this is the right pair. It's crafted with ivory leather, and metal studs and crystal embellishments are added on the front and side to top it off. Additionally, its slightly raised heel will give you extra height. 


women leather shoes



C. Saint Salvatore Blue Leather Ankle Boots

This pair of leather shoes look subtle but can add the right amount of grace to your look. Its two-colour-toned leather looks luxurious, and its high ankle design takes your outfit from basic to chic. Buy them and make your outing experience fun and comfortable. 


men leather boots



D. Saint Vincenzo Black Leather Square Toe Lace Up Décor Shoes

We have these leather shoes to make your fancy evening outfit more put-together. Its padded leather insole, completed with leather lining, will give you maximum comfort. So, pick these stylish pair of shoes that provides you with looks, durability and comfort.


men leather shoes



Saint G, a high-end shoe brand which is one of the best leather-shoe producers in the market. Our products are designed in Milan and will suit your discerning taste. We use the art of leather cutting, the most traditional process, to build products that match your expectations. The leather shoes we manufacture are thoughtfully designed to give you fashion, functionality and comfort blended together. 

Visit our website and get premium quality products for yourself and your loved ones!

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