10 Benefits Of Wearing Leather Shoes

10 Benefits Of Wearing Leather Shoes


Wearing leather shoes at work and with casuals is a regular thing because the material goes well with every look. Moreover, pure leather shoes are a favourite pick for everyone because they give your feet additional protection and comfort. On the other hand, a lot of people don’t go for the same, considering the higher price tags. However, we would like to justify the price of leather shoes, given the fact that it offers you so many benefits.  In the upcoming section of this blog, you will learn about some of the most influential factors that will prove the point. It is time to know why leather shoes are better.

Reasons Why Leather Shoes Are Better:

It is time to check out why leather designer shoes are a favourite of so many people. You will also understand whether it is smart to invest in pure leather shoes. 

1. Breathability

Does that sound crazy? Still, the fact is that leather indeed breathes and that is also a reason why wearing leather shoes feels so comfortable. At the same time, the breathability of leather is not exactly like how humans do it. In this case, breathing means the material lets some air pass through the shoes. As a result, pure leather shoes ensure that your feet are not smelly, and keep them cool too. 

2. Durability

You must be already aware of the fact that durability is one of the most common benefits of leather shoes. Genuinegenuine leather shoes can outshine other synthetic materials in no time at all. If you know how to choose the better quality shoes, then be rest assured because they will never leave your side despite extreme work environments—moreover, long-lasting sounds like the second name of leather shoes. 

3. Water Resistance

Once again, this quality depends on whether you know how to choose the quality of shoes. We at Saint G ensure that all the leather shoes for women and men go through the best waxing procedure. As a result, the boots become resistant to any liquid, including water of course. It is also the reason why leather slippers are great while you are working in the kitchen. What happens is that such slippers protect your feet from coming in contact with water on the kitchen floors, and more. Apart from being able to keep your feet dry, a suitable waxing procedure also means that there will be no damage to the shoes. Moreover, when you walk on the streets during the monsoon wearing leather shoes, there is no worry about stepping into puddles. You can come back home and wipe out the mud from the shoe surface. 

4. Additional Protection

Of course, the protection from composite cap shoes and steel caps is more, but leather shoes are undoubtedly a formidable contender in this case. If you are wearing pure leather shoes, we can assure you that your feet are protected from injury to an extent. For example, little falling items or hot liquid will not affect your feet much. On the other hand, if your work environment is fairly more active, then wearing good leather shoes will also keep you protected against small injuries. 

5. Amazing Fit

Wearing leather footwear means that it will fit your feet in such a way that it looks exclusively made for them. Well, that is the speciality of good quality leather shoes, and you will get plenty of them at Saint G. On the other hand, if you compare different types of boots and shoes that are made of plastic or synthetic raw materials, they do not have good shape.  Instead, they make your feet look odd, and you continuously feel uncomfortable. While you may think that choosing the correct size in case of any shoe means it ill-fits you well, that is not the real deal. However, when it comes to leather, it adjusts itself in a way that anyone, irrespective of the shape of their feet can wear quickly

6. Comfort

All of the above points that you see combine to make leather the most comfortable raw material for shoes. That is also the reason why people choose to wear leather footwear irrespective of the place, look, or event. On the one hand, leather is a robust material, while on the other, it indeed does not feel too tough on the feet. However, everything will fall in place only if you know the tips for choosing the correct shoes and buying shoes online for yourself. 

7. Easy Cleaning

As mentioned earlier, leather footwear is suitable for all types of extremities, such as monsoons and heavy rain. Moreover, monsoons, mud, and puddles are typical scenes in India, and you may often feel that wearing leather is not a very good idea. However, you’re mistaken because wearing good quality leather shoes means you can step into muddy puddles and not worry about the dirt.  What you have to do is just come back home and wipe it out with a moist cloth. Moreover, drying leather shoes is no trouble at all if you are thinking about it. It is because the breathability factor lets air pass through the boots, allowing them to dry quickly. 

8. Style

Leather shoes for men and women are stylish, and there is no doubt about the same. Wearing leather always keeps you a class ahead of others. On the other hand, footwear made out of different materials such as plastic or synthetic makes them look so artificial and cheap. The natural quality of leather makes not only shoes, but apparel looks luxurious too. The main factors why the shoes look stylish are because good, polished leather is always shiny and sleek. 

9. Eco-Friendly

While you get premium quality leather that is eco-friendly, the same is not the case with other synthetic materials. You must know that the process of manufacturing synthetic products, especially footwear, is harmful to the environment.  The primary reason why we say that is because harmful gases are released during the manufacturing process of synthetic footwear. On the other hand, if you consider regular leather footwear, the making process does not include the use of harmful chemicals. Therefore, it is eco-friendly. 

10. Good smell

Many people love the smell of good leather. However, you will see that the scent is odd when you purchase a jacket or bag that is made out of synthetic leather. Artificial materials consist of different chemicals that bring on a strange smell. Moreover, if you have a problem with excessive sweating after working the whole day, the addition of smelly synthetic leather shoes makes it worse.  Although, your nose is far away from your feet, wearing clean and pleasant-smelling shoes is satisfying. Moreover, stinky shoes spread very quickly, and the situation becomes embarrassing when you have people around. However, if you are wearing pure leather shoes, the smell is mostly natural.  Now you know the most common benefits and the reasons why should buy leather shoes online, especially for work. Apart from providing incredible comfort and fitting well, leather shoes are durable and protect you from small injuries too. Therefore, now you don’t need to think of wearing uncomfortable synthetic shoes throughout a working day. Instead, you can go for the best Saint G shoes that are made of pure leather that gives you ultimate comfort. Moreover, if you are in love with eco-friendly items, natural leather does contain no harmful chemicals at all. 

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