How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Winter Shoes

How To Pick The Perfect Pair Of Winter Shoes

Selecting the best snow boots for winter is quite a task, especially with the kind of climate in India. It means that choosing the correct type of winter shoes seems more challenging, given the fact that the temperature fall is different as you move from one part of India to the other. However, we believe that you are in the right place because there is a wide range of designs in different shapes, sizes, and colours. When you are starting to shop for some cool winter shoes, the first factor to consider is where you are going to wear them. In that case, if you are looking for hiking boots, then the sturdy snow boots will be perfect. On the other hand, if you will buy them for lighter activities or casual wear, Chelsea boots will seal the deal for you. There are a lot of different types of boots available in the market in this blog, you will get an idea of what to look for when you are shopping for winter boots in India. Let’s guide you through:


Golden Rules for Purchasing Winter Boots

Just like in accounting, there are golden rules when it comes to shopping for winter shoes too.
  • When you are unsure about the fit of winter boots for women, the best way to know if it is right is to try them with socks. You can put on the socks that you are planning to team with the same boots and then do the shoe trials. Often, doing so affects the fit of the footwear. Moreover, if you buy barely-fitting boots, it may be a problem later. For example, you were wearing thin socks during the show trials. However, subsequently, you want to wear the same winter shoes with thicker socks. Of course, the boots won’t fit you that way!

  • The ideal time for boot trials during the day is the afternoon. Although it sounds bizarre, that is what experts testify to. The scientific reason for such a theory is that your feet usually expand during the day (of course, it is not visible to us). So, trying boots during this time means that you will know what your correct foot size is.

  • Do you know that it is normal for your feet to differ slightly in size from one another? Well, since that is a fact, wearing boots on both feet is essential to know the perfect size.
  • During a winter shoe trial, make sure that you do a little walking after putting on the new pair. Moreover, the same can be done from one room to another if you are trying out the boots at home first. 

What Are the Factors to Consider When You Are Buying Snow Boots in India?

As mentioned earlier, there are particular factors to consider when you are shopping for winter boots. Some of these factors are here:

1. Warmth

Did you know that we lose most of the warmth of our body through the head, feet, and hands? Therefore, the winter boots that you purchase must keep the feet warm and keep the chills away. Consequently, you can look for traditional shearling linings, as these are the best ones to keep your feet cosy and warm. However, nowadays, you will not get the same because they make the shoe heavier.  Instead, fashionable shoemakers use synthetic substitutes for traditional shearling that look good and make the shoes lighter too. Moreover, the substitute synthetic material provides equally good warmth and insulation to the feet. Therefore, you must check the material of the winter shoes before making the final purchase. 

2. Comfort level

While the style and design of your winter boots are undoubtedly a priority, taking care of the comfort level is necessary too. Besides, that is precisely what gives us the ultimate satisfaction in this case. Moreover, imagine how you may look if you walk in extremely uncomfortable boots. We want to avoid such embarrassment.  The right boot will support the ankles and ensure that you have enough toe-wiggling space inside. Moreover, when it is about comfort, finding the correct size is also a must. Therefore, you have to consider whether you will wear shoes with thick socks too. If yes, then you may as well consider purchasing the shoes one size larger. 

3. Waterproofing

Not all winter boots are waterproof, and so it may become a problem on a wet, slushy day. However, there are ways to make your boots suitable to bear all weather conditions. A specialist spray is the best option to season leather shoes. The same increases longevity and enhances the looks of your boots. Moreover, going for a synthetic alternative instead of shearling material will make it more waterproof. Plus, the price of synthetic options is lesser in comparison.

4. Grip

When you want boots to beat the winter in India, go for rubber soles. It is because these materials work best when it comes to extreme weather conditions. Moreover, you must check the grip of the shoes too. Crevices and bumps below the boots mean there is proper traction to keep your balance on rough or slippery roads.

5. Types of fastening

The fitting of your winter shoes also depends on the type of fastening. So, if you are planning to wear your boots for a long walking journey, then lace-up boots will keep your feet intact. However, most people who wear boots prefer them with zippers for more convenience. Besides, when you are going to purchase boots with zippers, make sure that you pull up and down the zip a few times to check whether it is working smoothly. You may also look for boots with elasticated sides because it is more comfortable to wear these shoes. Plus, the fitting of these shoes is better than the rest. Especially if you are someone with wider calves, these elasticated boots are a must for you.

What are the best winter shoes in India?

While some winter boots come with loads of practical benefits, others are full of class and style. Here are some of the best ones that you can wear during winter.

Tips for choosing the best winter boots for toddlers

There are essential points that you must note when you are purchasing snow boots in India for toddlers too.
  • Fitting boots is the priority when it comes to the soft feet of toddlers. The primary reason for being so cautious is that any lousy material or tight shoes can cause damage to the small feet. Besides, the best way of trying boots on toddlers is to make them wear thicker socks first and try to go for a size bigger.

  • Try to go for grippy shoes with proper rubber soles for the ultimate flexibility. As a result, your kid will not trip despite being super active.
  • Take care of the insulation level of toddler boots. Children with cold feet are never a good sign.

  • Knee-length or mid-calf boots are better for toddlers compared to ankle-length ones. It is because the protection level in those is higher always. 
So, with the above guide, you are half winter-ready already. Gear up for some boot shopping, and then we are ready to enjoy the chilly season in full swing. 

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